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Information on Unemployment: Alabama Secretary of Labor Fitzgerald Washington Update
Jim Page
Yes, this is being recorded and will be shared with all participants.
Tammy Gibbs
Tammy Gibbs
The DOL UI site still alerts that the first week is a waiting week. Do we just ignore that, since it was my understanding that the waiting week was waived?
Deborah Anders at TLC
for the past week, I have been trying to respond to a separation claim but the fax will not go through & the website is not responding. what do I do?
Tammy Gibbs
Also, I understood that COVID-19 unemployment would be retroactive to when someone stopped working. Is that an automatic add in the first payout or do I need to try to reach someone at the DOL to talk to about this? (And yes, I did check that my unemployment is COVID-19 related.)
Valerie Wright
If we filed (company) partials for my employees and myself for 3 weeks - It shows they are just getting paid this week - but not sure what its for (breakout) - and 2 employees are missing and I am missing (owner).
Valerie Wright
How many weeks can we do the partial unemployment? IF business is still not open after that time, what do I tell my employees to do at that time?
Cliff Thomas
I am self employed owning a business with employees. I filed unemployment last week. Since I am self employed do I need to fill out a special form made for self employed people or will the regular form I filled out be enough?
Russell DuBose
Can an employee take a leave of absence, while full-time work is available, because they are "afraid of contracting COVID-19" and draw benefits as a FPUA claimant?
Lee Garrison
If an employee has filed in mid March and still has not received payment, what should they do? The 800 number does not work.
Valerie Wright
What if the online tells you - that you need to call …
Shanon Lyles
Mr. Fitzgerald, kudos to Mr. T. Bannerman at your T-town office for being so helpful and quick to respond to any questions I've had.
Stephanie Charboneau
I'm a travel agent that was in business for three and a half years. I bought my own franchise December 2019 so I'm my last employer. I received a notice of separation on April 8 the same date that it was due and tried to fax it. I can't tell if it went through or not. What do I need to do?
Tammi Holley
One thing I've gotten, is what if a person don't have any benefits available, can they still receive any type of payment?
Valerie Wright
If we email the Labor department - with the email that we are given - what is the time line to get a response. understand everyone is busy - but some were sent weeks ago and no response.
So if someone's pay is reduced by 50% but they bring home $300 per week they are not eligible at all and they cannot receive the $600 stimulus either?
Tammy Gibbs
Thank you. Please send the recorded meeting before the answers are received from the DOL, as it might take them a while, and I would like to listen again.
Valerie Wright
How many weeks can we file partials?
Stephanie Charboneau
A HUGE thank you to the Chamber and all that you all are doing to help us!
Russell DuBose
Has the 3 week partial claim filing limit been relaxed for "lack of work" so employers can take some of the workload off the ALDOL?
If an employee brings a letter from their doctor stating that they should not work related to high risk because due to a certain diagnosis, are they eligible for unemployment?
Juanita Zavala
Thank you for this call. Is there still a backlog of filings from the week of March 23rd through the 27th or should these claims have already paid out?
what happens if employee doesn't show up or even call but the owner got in touch with them and they say oh my dad will pay me to stay home and not go in and requested not to be put on schedule. Is that person eligible for unemployment since work is available. Thanks for your time
Cindy Thomason Savage
If someone filed for unemployment insurance and received a letter from AL stating the monetary amount, did they have to do anything else in order to get claim approved? Did they have go to back to the website and file a weekly claim? How will they know when they are approved?
T Bannerman was shown as a good contact in the Tuscaloosa Career Center office. What is his email address?
Heather New
Nonprofit and SUTA/FUTA - is this c3 only or c6 as well? (I believe we pay both as a c6); would c6 employees only be eligible for $600, not state $275?
Valerie Wright
Can we get a direct phone number for the local offices?
Tammy Gibbs
Thanks, again, Jim. Very nice to have a forum like this. I appreciate you and your organization.