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Town Hall MS2 - Shared screen with speaker view
Dawnelle Schatte
Thanks Dr. Sun for wearing blue for "Light it up Blue" World Autism Awareness Day!
Dr. Pierre Banks
If have questions about Step 1 or want help adjusting your study plan ASCC is here to help. You can schedule an appointment at https://bit.ly/asccappt
Sama Elrahi
If my test date is May 31st, do you recommend I try to change it at this point in time?
Bianca Uzoma
From a fellow classmate: Some schools are extending the deadline to December or even the end of MS3. Those guys will definitely have a competitive edge after being exposed to clinicals + extra time. Will UTMB consider the same, given that the current conditions are less than ideal for step prep for some of us?
Daniel Bradford
In addition to Bianca's concerns above,, several classmates have children who are not able to be in school. Consequently, thwse classmates are having to sacrifice school study to act as full-time parent AND educator. Does UTMB have resources or plans in place to specifically accommodate these classmates? For school and Step prep?
Omar Sahibzada
Not sure if administration knows this, but many students, (I’m assuming most) received revised scheduling permits this morning extending Step 1 eligibility through Dec 31st of this year. Does this indicate any cancellation plans on behalf of the NBME/USMLE?
To ease the anxiety of students who are actively studying for their upcoming step exams, is it possible to provide a estimated date for when the decision will be made regarding the Step 1 exam? We understand everyone is hanging in limbo, but it would be nice to look forward to an estimated date for that decision to be made.
Majka Woods
https://bit.ly/asccapptSet up a meeting! This group is amazing and can assist you with new study/life schedules!
Dr. Pierre Banks
In case you missed it. ASSC Appointment can be schedule here: https://bit.ly/asccappt
Olamma Abazie
If the peak is mid-May, what does that mean for exams scheduled for beginning of June?
Edgar Villalobos
Edgar Villalobos
^This projection is based on social distancing
Olamma Abazie
Will Great Syndromes be via Zoom?
Renee Walker
Could the pandemic affect students who are not supposed to be in Galveston for our third year? As in is it possible that we might have to stay in Galveston/our rotations might be different?
Kristy Spicer
I hate to be a debbie downer, but if that projection holds true and 200,000 people parish from this how will UTMB work with students to give them medical leave or emotional leave (?) if we know loved ones who pass away / gets sick
Katie Ferry
Since Houston/Tyler track notifications went out last night will the deadlines for the ambulatory sites, track selections, etc. be pushed back? and If so when is that tentative deadline?
Ayman Youssef
Theoretically, if June/late May test dates are not moved despite peak cases approaching in mid May, what kind of accommodations, if any, can be made for students who end up having COVID19 or who have parents/family members who become sick? Personally, I know I would not be studying if my father or mother became sick.
Katie Ferry
Given the fact that mental health during this time is a big issue for us, and some people are frankly unable to be as productive at home (no matter what schedules they put in place) would the administration consider offering an alternative time in addition to the regular testing date? These are unprecedented times and it would be nice to get an acknowledgement from the admin that it is difficult to study for this test right now. That way people could take the test in June if they are ready and in Dec if they are not.
Olamma Abazie
Has there been any details revealed regarding the POM2 April 13th final?
Edgar Villalobos
Just an idea, I believe Rice brought up a good point as to having dates for making decisions. We all understand we kind of have to go with the flow. We can hope for the best, but at least having a roundabout time for decision making will be nice. If impossible, I can understand. We all want the best
Bianca Uzoma
From a fellow classmate: Given what Omar said, is it possible for administration to make a general decision for all of the ms2 class as opposed to playing it by ear, to help ease anxiety and make things fair across the board between classmates? Ex. Those who just got a permit to take the exam until December (if they have to delay the exam) will have an unfair advantage compared to some that may have to take it in June if the June dates don't get extended
Ayman Youssef
For students who missed the DHM midterm exam and will take a faculty made make-up exam, how will grade adjustments be made ultimately or evaluation of exam performance, considering two groups of students took different exams?
Edgar Villalobos
I appreciate that information. Thank you so much.
Edgar Villalobos
Totally understand
If step 1 gets postponed to a later time, will students be expected to study while taking part in the virtual 3rd year rotations?
Daniel Bradford
Should we be sending practice Step results as we take them?
Edgar Villalobos
^great question Daniel
Chioma Onyejiaka
The POM final is 80% of the cognitive component. Considering it is no longer going to be an NBME, this could negatively impact people’s grades and whether they pass the cognitive component of the course.
Edgar Villalobos
Good to see all the homies come out. If you have bags under your eyes like mine, they better be Prada. Bye y'all take care
Katie Ferry
Thank you for your time and your answers!
Omar Sahibzada
Thank you for your transparency!
Norma Perez
like your background Dr. Levine!
Daniel Pope
Thank you all!
Rachel Jones
Thank you for doing this for us!
Elizabeth O'Daniel
Thank you all for your time!
Sama Elrahi
Thank you guys for hosting another town hall
Ayman Youssef
I appreciate the faculty and their effort to respond to this situation
Bianca Uzoma
Thank you all very much
Sama Elrahi
We appreciate transparency and being able to ask questions.
Cresencio Adame IV
Thank you!
Erica O
Thank you!