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Discussion on Funder Collaboration for COVID-19 - Shared screen with speaker view
Cassie Gruenstein
Is there a comprehensive list of the pooled fund options that already exist that you can share?
Laura Seaman
Here’s a list of local and regional funds hosted at California community foundations: lccf.org/coronavirus
Stuart Burden
Yes, there is. Just finished yesterday. Please send me your email address.
Darnell Cadette
Can you share that survey with us?
Matthew Goudeau
Stuart, please email to me as well. matthew.goudeau@sfgov.org. Thanks!
Erin Gilbert
Ditto to sharing surveys. We would like to send one to our grantees. Would be great to have an example.
Cassie Gruenstein
Thank, you we would love to see the results
Jackie Downing
We were going to survey our 250 grantees this week. Should NCG instead do a grantee survey of everyone’s grantees and everyone has access to results?
Anastasia Plotnikova
Stuart me as well please! anastasia@anovaculinary.com
Cassie Gruenstein
If possible, can you also share the names of the survey recipients? Would be helpful to not send too many funder surveys to the same orgs
Frances Phillips
Stuart, I would appreciate receiving it too.
Cassie Gruenstein
Thanks for suggesting, Jackie
Melissa Stafford Jones
Can the survey tools people are using be shared?
Darius Graham
Here is a link to the letter we (Weinberg Foundation) sent to our grantees last week relaxing reporting requirements during this time: https://hjweinbergfoundation.org/news/a-letter-to-the-foundations-grantees
Tiffany Brown
Stuart please email tiffany.brown@unionbank.com
Megan Trotter
Stuart, can you email me too: ksalance@zendesk.com Thanks!
steve barton
Stuart---send it to me & we'll get it out to everyone @ sbarton@ncg.org
Cristina Jimenez
Thanks Steve and Stuart for sharing the list with the whole group
claire solot
The Legal Services Funders Network (LSFN) will be hosting a webinar that focuses on the impact of COVID-19 on legal services providers and their clients on March 19th from 3-4:30pm. For more information and to register go to the NCG website. Feel free to contact me with additional questions as well.
Northern California Grantmakers
steve barton
How is the SF fund being administered?
Matthew Goudeau
Cristina Jimenez
For small businesses who need funds to pay workers or rent for the next two months, should we direct them to the SF fund? If so, what is the best avenue?
Darnell Cadette
Matthew Goudeau
Cristina: https://oewd.org/assistance-guidance-businesses-and-workers-impacted-covid-19
Cristina Jimenez
thank you Matthew!
Jackie Downing
David Silver: dsilver@oaklandca.gov
Jackie Downing
David’s cell: 510.393.4888
Jackie Downing
I’m in daily touch with him and you can also contact me if he’s busy. I have their evolving needs list.
Matthew Goudeau
My email: matthew.goudeau@sfgov.org
Matthew Goudeau
Link to San Francisco Department of Public Health COVID-19 information page: https://www.sfdph.org/dph/alerts/coronavirus.asp
Erin Gilbert
FYI: Comcast is providing free internet for 60-days for low-income families (no credit check and no terms) https://corporate.comcast.com/covid-19
Laura Seaman
The question at the top of my mind is what is the single best way for philanthropy to drive an expansion in testing for COVID? So many aspects of the social/economic/health fallout of this seems to come down to the lack of rapid and widespread testing. Very curious to hear what funders on this call are doing on this front.
Jessica Misslin
Stuart, can I also receive a copy? Thanks so much: jmisslin@pfs-llc.net
Matthew Goudeau
Policy from the Office of the Controller for the City and County of San Francisco regarding reimbursement payments for nonprofit suppliers in event of COVID-19 disruptions (including Grants for the Arts grantees): https://sfcontroller.org/sites/default/files/Documents/Auditing/Policy%20-%20Nonprofit%20disruptions%20due%20to%20Covid19%20-%20issued%203.11.20.pdf
Cristina Jimenez
Does anyone have a list of funders who are open to funding remote learning for students? Not just connectivity (thanks Comcast!) but also chromebooks and other hardware needs?
Bob Uyeki
Is anyone tracking the flow of potential funding from emergency legislation from the Feds and State? Based on what Glen heard from the City of Oakland, this seems to be a crucial need for local government.
Ari Breakstone
Matthew, is this what you were referring to earlier, from SFChron: "11:24 a.m. Most of Bay Area placed on lockdown until April 7: Six Bay Area counties are expected to announce “shelter in place” orders for all residents on Monday, directing everyone to stay inside their homes and away from others as much as possible for the next three weeks as public health officials desperately try to curb the rapid spread of coronavirus across the region. The directive will begin at midnight Monday and involves San Francisco, Santa Clara, San Mateo, Marin, Contra Costa and Alameda counties, officials told The Chronicle. The order is to stay in place until at least April 7. The orders fall just short of a full lockdown, and it wasn’t immediately clear how, or to what degree, they would be enforced."
Matthew Goudeau
Ari: yes. The official public health order for San Francisco, related to that, will be formally issued shortly.
claire solot
Walter S Johnson Foundation has been working in Washington state on creating a fund to purchase smart phones for low income kids. They also plan to purchase laptops.
Cassie Gruenstein
Cristina Jimenez “who is funding remote learning for students” - I am seeing some corporate response and others may have philanthropic response. Google Hangouts is offering its enterprise package for free to educators- Because of the school closures around the country, Age of Learning is providing free home access to its products (top ranked products ABCmouse.com Early Learning Academy, @adventureacademy, and ReadingIQ) to families of students affected by school closures due to coronavirus. Please forward to educators you know. School and district leaders can visit www.ageoflearning.com/schools to obtain free access.https://www.ageoflearning.com/schools?fbclid=IwAR2JWK3quRLJc1EVnudOdsKJedAsJxwr2OP8WBcse544vK1UNSi0BuZeZU8
Mara Low
There are so many great resources in this chat window. When the notes are sent out, can these resources also be included?
Northern California Grantmakers
Cassie Gruenstein
Can NCG support the continued sharing of resources between funders? A listserv?
Christine Chow, SCAN Community Giving
I am with SCAN Health Plan Community Giving. We are not NCG members, could I still receive the notes? Very helpful info! We fund emergency assistance and senior nutrition in 11 CA counties. Email: cchow2@scanhealthplan.com
Erin Gilbert
Is there a website you are pointing your grantees to for different resources that can help them? Funds, information, govt supports, in kind resources?
Ria Bhatt
Ria Bhatt, College Futures Foundation, rbhatt@collegefutures.org
Cassie Gruenstein
Thank you so much!
Matthew Goudeau
For informative call. Thank you NCG!
Jessica Misslin
Thank you!