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Building Good Mentor Relationships - Shared screen with speaker view
Rainforest Alberta
Brigitte with Rainforest Alberta. We talk about mentorship and access to mentorship often in the Rainforest. Looking forward to this content.
Andrea Wall
Good morning and thanks for joining us this Thursday morning. Please feel welcome to introduce yourself in the chat.Please also ask any questions for Chris, Paul, and Pierre here and we'll address them towards the end of this morning's session.
Jordana Armstrong
@Paul, Pierre - as an entrepreneur I suspect you get all sorts of opinions/advice. Any key learnings in how you filter the information you receive?
Caitlin Lambe
Caitlin Lambe, Venture Navigator at IMPACT with Innovation Calgary - here to learn :)
Julia Imanoff
Julia Imanoff - co-founder and CEO of COLO Families and have been fortunate enough to work with Innovate Calgary of the past year. I am a Perinatal Nurse Specialist and a PhD student at Ucalgary. Shifting into business has been a steep learning curve for me! So glad to be here and hear about entrepreneur mentorship and from Paul and Pierre!
Julia Imanoff
@Paul, Pierre, echoing Jordana's question. How do you filter all the advice while still being open to the learning from advice offered?
Chenchen Bing
Good morning! I'm Chenchen Bing, CEO of NovusTX Devices, a startup in Calgary founded in March 2020. We are developing focused ultrasound systems with improved precision for neurological and psychological disorders. I'm here to learn about how to build a long and reliable relationship with the mentors with different background.
Abdallah Manasrah
Good morning, I am Abdallah Manasrah, the CEO and co-founder of Carbon OxyTech Inc., a new start-up company for commercializing a new green technology by providing non-combustion utilization pathways for residual feedstocks, low-rank coal, and carbon-based waste. I started my business 3 months ago, after winning the GreenSTEM award with Innovate Calgary. I am here to learn more about the mentorship.
Andrea Wall
Good morning Caitlin, Julia, Chenchen, and Abdallah! Thanks for joining us.
Julia Imanoff
@Chris: Are there other ways to get mentors if you aren't quite at the stage to apply for VMSA?
Chris Doble
Feel free to reach out at chris@vmsalberta.org.
Chris Doble
@Julia, yes! Lot’s of great mentorship programs and resources in the community. Happy to connect and make suggestions based on where you’re at.
David Katz
I have a question about mentors vs. formal company advisers but it will be easier to ask out loud, please.
Chenchen Bing
Thank you!
Nima Najand
There is a saying that goes along the lines of "A smart person only listens to half of the advice they receive, a wise person knows which half"
Jordana Armstrong
Great add, Nima!
Chris Doble
That’s awesome @Nima! Great quote.
Himani Nailwal
https://innovatecalgary.com/webinars/ join us for our upcoming webinars
Julia Imanoff
Thanks so much!!
David Katz
thank youy!