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Resume Workshop - Shared screen with speaker view
Mohona Sarkar
is it okay to use St. Jude logo in your resume’s header?
venu choday
Hello Laura!! This is Venu and my question is : Does St. Jude provide any courses which provide training and certification for graduates ?
Giri Kumar Chandaka
except for speaker, everyone else please mute. Thank you!
James Johnson
I think we'll need an audible announcement to mute
Prady Baviskar
What would be an ideal place for LinkedIn link on your resume?
For programming languages, would it be a good idea to list certificates you have completed on platforms such as coursera?
Great talk Laura and Manjula! thanks for sharing great suggestions. If transition to non bench roles (for example business development) how elaborate should we be my research/technical skills section?
Giri Kumar Chandaka
how can I let the future employer know that I am transitioning, without undermining my qualifications?
Asit Kumar
Should we include a photo on our resume?
Giri Kumar Chandaka
Linkedin and Research Gate yes, but does academic recruiters look at indeed?
Hi Laura and Manjula, thank you both for your valuable suggestions. This is Swapna Loku, I hold a PhD degree, 2 years of post-doc experience. I took a break of 5+years in my career to take care of my family. Now I am looking for transition into management field. I have talked to couple pf people working at St.Jude, some said I was over-qualified for certain positions while some said I need to have more experience. Can you please tell me do you really consider people like me?? Also, can you suggest me how can I put myself in the front of the row?? Thank you
Shanmuga Priya
Hi Laura and Manjula, I hold a PhD degree from Indian and I just started to explore job opportunities in the US. I was wondering if I should put all my teaching experience from India on my resume?
Giri Kumar Chandaka
hello everyone keep posting your questions to Laura and Manjula. But at 6:30 pm, we switch to Cognate's team for next session of the event!
Rebeca Caires
Thank you Laura and Manjula for your talk. I would like to ask you, Do you have any specific suggestions if the transition is to a clinical research position or project management? It’s possible with the basic research do the transition with no any other experience in this type of position (cero experience exactly in for positions)?
Giri Kumar Chandaka
hello everyone, please continue to post questions specific to industry to Cliff, Cathy and Danny!
Laura Hamel
Cathy and Danny - how big is your TA team. Is it just the two of you?
venu choday
Hello Cognate Team!! My entire career has been in medical background and for my Masters I chose Industrial Management, so my question is which skill does recruiter prefer, Management or Medical ? how do I project myself including both the skill ?
Deepa Ganesh
Hello Cliff, Cathy and Danny.
Deepa Ganesh
I am Deepa. No offense but always had this question in mind and I just hope that I am not offending anyone by posing this question.
Deepa Ganesh
Most of the hiring managers at any firm/ company esp a scientific industry do not have a scientific background so how will they understand and process a resume purely from a scientific background
Giri Kumar Chandaka
how different should be a cover letter compared to a resume? If the resume is a straight shot without any time gaps and perfectly suit the role I would be applying, could I quote an example of my experience in the cover letter, that would be relevant to the job applying?
Giri Kumar Chandaka
dressing for an interview: does it depend on the job interview that you will be interviewing?
Laura Hamel
What do you think about someone asking what the career growth opportunities are like? does this come off like they are already looking for their next job, or like they want a career and longevity with your institution
Deepa Ganesh
How best can the question " Where do you see yourself in 5 yrs from now" answered? Esp for someone who is transitioning from academia to industry or for that matter a fresher after completing his/her degree.
Laura Hamel
Would you consider my background too busy for a virtual interview?
James Johnson
Do you suggest reaching out to recruiters at companies you're interested in applying to, prior to submitting an application? Is it appropriate to connect with them on LinkedIn to find out more about the open positions at their company?
If I am applying for a bench position that lists a job requirement that I have recently learned/mastered, but the paper has not been published yet that demonstrates that skill of mine, is it safe to still list it in my skillset?
Kaitlin Budd
How do you view applicants who desire to change fields (and maybe don’t have a lot of experience with techniques necessary for the role)? Is it possible to still be a competitive applicant?
As long as they are not crooked, lol
I got my St. Jude job phone interview in my car, FWIW.
But I was not driving, that should be a no no.
Shanmuga Priya
Thank you Laura & Clifford for your reply,
Thank you guys for your response and your valuable suggestions..!!!
Deepa Ganesh
Thank you all so much for a very informative session!!