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Lease Restructurings, Modifications & Workouts — 1-Hour FREE NYS CE Credit - Shared screen with speaker view
Ryan Haber
Good morning! Here’s today’s Lease Restructurings, Modifications & Workouts course outline: https://bit.ly/318SWYAIf you are in a position to help, Make a Difference with Your Subscription and Donate: https://leasingreality.com/charityThis month Leasing REality will donate 15% of subscription sales to Harlem Lacrosse and 100 subscriptions to students and alumni of Harlem Lacrosse. 1 for 1 — for every subscription purchased, an additional subscription will be donated to Harlem Lacrosse as well.
Paul Fetscher
The problem with restaurants = 85% of sales occur at the tables. The problems occur at the Bar without Social Distancing
Lisa Pollakowski
it is known COVID-19 spreads more indoors. Oeople
William Schwartz
Good morning. Businesses need to install HEPA A/C filters preferably with some UV lighting to further clear the air.
Scott MacWhinnie
Better shut down grocery stores
Demetri Ganiaris
goodmorning Larry - are you seeing any “pandemic” language in leases? we have been asked to reduce rent by 50-75% during next “govt shutdown”. what are you seeing? thanks, demetri
Miles Mahony
Larry please explain the "reaffirmation" of the Good Guy clause. WHy would it ned to be reaffirmed?
Doug Kleiman
Good morning Larry….can you please touch on the City Council law, waiving personal guarantees through Sept 30th and if you believe that this law will stand, or are the “work arounds” for landlords?
Doug Kleiman
* or are there work arounds
Demetri Ganiaris
for the GGG, what kind of assets do you want to see G have? and in what manner. we are trying to go after a G now, but his assets are in LLCs so tougher to reach.
L Lorenzo
Have you been on the landlord side when negotiating with their banks on restructuring prior to amending a lease.? Landlords are very concerned on the impact of reduced lease on valuation impacts and debt coverage.
Doug Kleiman
I am finding that some LL’s are ignoring T’s now….seemingly sand bagging until after Sept 30th
Doug Kleiman
I see it as a game of chicken…(will the tenant give me the keys back b4 Sept 30th or not)
Demetri Ganiaris
if TT chooses to sell biz what kind of profit sharing with LL do you see?
Paul Fetscher
I have been successful in arranging Lease Modifications. the value of Retail real Estate is directly proportional to the amount of business you can do at the premises. A restaurateur will Never regain the Revenue from the Dinner he didn't serve last Saturday night - and therefore will never be able to pay that rent. Mr Landlord, Something is better than Nothing - and sooner is Better than Later. I have three new leases where tenant is paying Percentage Only until such time as All Covid Restrictions are lifted. If a Second Wave - back to % rent.
Doug Kleiman
Thank you Larry! Great as usual!
Ryan Haber
Feel free to reach out to Larry at 917.362.9413 or lhaber@agmblaw.com for any unanswered questions/comments. Stay safe and thank you for joining us today!Note that we will submit the “student list” to the DOS as soon as possible. Thereafter, we will generate certificates for those that provided broker license credentials during the registration process - an email will follow when the certificates have been uploaded to Leasing REality with access details. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out.
Alyssa Zahler