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Cash Flow in a Crisis: Surviving COVID-19 - Shared screen with speaker view
Cindy Cogil
Hi all
Adam Smart
I'd like to know at what point do you (in terms of aging) do you write off any accounts receivables as unrecoverable?
Adam Smart
Thank You!
Adam Smart
I'm actually up in Canada, but I would like to highlight an experience, we have a SBA program like yours in the USA. Ours is offering 0% loans for the first 2 years. You apply to these through accredited banks, I applied for it but was continuously denied and it was simply because although I was listed as an officer on the account but I was not the primary contact, once my partner applied we received the infusion in 5 days.
Cindy Cogil
will you email these links?
Leonard Sansone
yes we will send it out to all participants
Adam Smart
Canada we're going to be on essential services only until end of may
Adam Smart
and there won't be any recreation facilities open, until june 30
Adam Smart
Thanks Guys, Stay Safe and Healthy down South!