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IEEE CCWC 2021- D3 KEYNOTE - Shared screen with speaker view
Satyajit Chakrabarti
I have a question, just like facial recognition bias, AI has all sorts of bias in biometrics like voice recognition, etc - what should be the way forward?
Son Vuong (UBC) - CCWC General Chair
Please, feel free to type in your questions here, if any, which will be answered by the 2nd speaker during the QA period after the presentation
Nikesh Singh
How semantic model relates to the data elements which are present in the computing systems data?
Nikesh Singh
thank you
Satyajit Chakrabarti
HOw to social platforms like facebook deal with negativity and hate speech - which sells and are good for business, but are very unethical?
Nikesh Singh
What is the best approach to newcomer socialization during the first 90 days?
Nikesh Singh
What are burning questions in Organizational Behaviour today?
Nikesh Singh
How can we manage "Fear" & "Phobia" in our professional & personal life?
Nikesh Singh
thank you so much for interesting speech
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