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Impact & Efficacy of Virtual Teamwork: How to overcome the challenges of COVID-19 - Shared screen with gallery view
Dieter Kaufhold
Email - the better tool for communication? hmmm, so far it was one of the worst. WeChat / WhatsApp allow direct communication without bodytalk, that’s still better than these long emails send out to one or many people
Shiley wu
How do think Office 365?
Charles Rabier
Do you mean Microsoft Team?
Shiley wu
Yes, better than wechat, but more convenient than email'
Chrsitain Nielsen
Email doesn't work as you onboard people along the way … and emails are dead when they are sent.
Chrsitain Nielsen
MS Teams is great for this as long as you introduce your employees to the notifications and how to save a chat item.
Dieter Kaufhold
Discipline is key....
Chrsitain Nielsen
Good point, Andre. This is where the user training about setting the availability integrated with your calendar like Outlook and Teams.
Chrsitain Nielsen
And tell people that MS Office review and correction are the tools for document processes. Then you have an effective and responsive way.
Chrsitain Nielsen
Never email Chris! Put it on Teams with the comment and corrections.
Rob Abbanat
My feeling is that WeChat has the expectation of an immediate response, and thus is slightly more intrusive than email. A balance of both is good so that you don't set the expectation that everyone be available and accessible all the time.
Chrsitain Nielsen
Correction, Chris (sorry): "never email documents, Chris".
Dieter Kaufhold
the expectation of immediate response does not come from the tool
Dieter Kaufhold
Dieter Kaufhold
the word „effective“ has been mentioned a lot. what is meant with it? what is effective and how to visualize it ? might be a question for Chris...