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Leadership in a crisis - Shared screen with speaker view
David Wilson
please remember to turn off your audio and video
Susan Houston
Are any of you moving into the adaptive phase yet or are we still all in the emergency stage of leadership?
Judene Edgar
Preparing shovel-ready projects to submit to government I found you had to think about the Adaptive Phase rather than submit "same old".
Susan Houston
Good example Judene
Francis Pauwels
Yes, particularly in the 3 key sectors locally - Forestry/Logging, Dairy/Primary and Tourism. Finding some good leaders also in those sectors not the ‘role holders’ BTW.
Susan Houston
Good distinction Francis.
Tania Burt
Good question Susan...tourism leaders need to be moving into that next phase and soon...destination recovery planning and collaboration has started so adaptive has arrived in the North
Susan Houston
I wonder what Nick thinks about how a crisis tests a leader i.e if his/her leadership is already under pressure, did the GFC study help identify how many were still leaders at the end of the GFC?
Susan Houston
Also if you have a mix of people/teams, some are in emergency mode and others are in adaptive mode how do you deal with that as a leader.
Tania Burt
Good question David...the context is around influence and all people have a sphere and can contribute positively if allowed space to
David Wilson
other questions team??
Francis Pauwels
Nick, suggestions for dealing with the coalition of the un-willing?
Blair Simm
In an EDA context, do we see our role is to be leaders or rather to facilitate effective leadership from industry/community/interested parties
Julian Moore
The style/skills required in the crisis and adaptive phases are quite different. Do you find that some leaders who are strong in the crisis phase struggle to be as effective in the adaptive phase?
Susan Houston
Great question Julian
JLL iPhone
Thank you Nick and David
Gerard Martin
thanks for that Nick, David and Susan - great session!