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Rotary Meeting - Congressman Scott Perry - Shared screen with speaker view
Good morning Sir, I am thankful for the PPP funding and my organization was successful in submitting our application. I did receive our support so that I could retain my employees and it was received within one week. Praise God. My question to you is are you aware of the fact the SBA application is omitting people with criminal backgrounds 5 years out? Are you hearing about this from business across the state?
Is this pandanic a wake up call to US manufacturies to bring thier business back to the US?
DenMark PC
I have applied for the 10,000 loan, it seems as thought the rules associated to this have changed to 1,00 per employee. Why? Also, when will this funding be made available?
DenMark PC
How do you check daily? The hold times for SBA are excessive.
Sheryl is here!
can you speak to the virus bump that we may see a lull soon and give us time to restock at a medical facility and we may see more virus later this summer or fall, since it is expected so people know.....
DenMark PC
The PPP funding covers payroll for 8 weeks from the date we get funded. I have been paying my employees since this all started. Will there be any funding available to help for payroll provided to employees from the beginning?