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Embracing Our Role as Elders: Guidance & Encouragement for Grandparents and Families DuringToday's Pandemic - Shared screen with speaker view
Nancy Bird - RCL Benziger
Hi Harry, you raised your hand. Got a question or need anything?
Nancy Bird - RCL Benziger
Nancy Bird - RCL Benziger
Thanks for joining us. We will send a link to the recording.
Andrea Parker
Yes, there are a TON of resources for families online. Thanks for that. However, we have a lot of elders in our churches who live alone, have no family/children/grandchildren, and no access to the internet. What resources are out there for them?
Nancy Bird - RCL Benziger
Thanks Andrea, Great question. I did get your email and will ask Dr. Tim his thoughts at the conclusion of the webinar!
Theresa DiFonzo
the phone call chain is so important. Something we want to work on it after Easter.
anne mcclain
The link will have the powerpoint?
Nancy Bird - RCL Benziger
Yes, we can send the PDF of the PowerPoint along with the recording link.
anne mcclain
Thank you, Tim! From Holy Family Regional School
Anne Battes
As an elder, this very helpful with good practical information. I am grateful for Dr. Tim and the gift he is to us! Thank you for everyone’s participation.