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Mid City West Planning and Land Use Committee Monthly Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Mehmet Berker, Chair
ok great, well chat if you need anything as captioners
Mehmet Berker, Chair
hey Rob, if you're Robinson Farber let me know, I'll make you a panelist
Mehmet Berker, Chair
Hi everyone. Please use the chat window to ask technical questions, or provide comments related to technical issues, having to do with the Zoom meetingUsing the "Raise Hand" function is how we will identify speakersYou can also ask questions in the Q&A window. If they are general in nature we will try to address them in appropriate items. Is they are about a specific item, our committee will summarize and incorporate them in our Committee Questions periodhere's our event with all the meeting info in it (agenda, etc):http://www.midcitywest.org/event/planning-and-land-use-committee-meeting-4/
Daniel Degnan
It appears that I'm not on camera or audio. Is that correct?
Ali Torbati
i think on phone you press 9 to raise hand
Ali Torbati
We will be checking here and the Q&A, but if possible, please keep the questions on the Q&A
Mehmet Berker, Chair
Charles shin
bravo Kira!
Charles shin
everything that she said!
Yanet Gonzalez
yes kira!!!
Mehmet Berker, Chair
hey all -- please keep this chat for technical questions related to the meetingThanks
Barbara Gallen
Repeating my chat comment since it did not go to all attendees. Mehmet: it needs to be a written log so the public see it. And there were other instances of contact bewteern you and the development team. And you’ve given no reason for communicating with developer outside of a public. meeting. You should recuse yourself from any vote.
Mehmet Berker, Chair
Hey Barbara, happy to chat off line as this chat should be for technical questions. Suffice it to say that that is not what our Standing Rule 8-100B says, and there is no ethical concern as I have not received, nor will I receive, any compensation of any kind. Nor do I have a financial interest within 500 ft. I described the nature of the contact and who I had it with, as per the Standing Rule.Thanks
Barbara Gallen
Per state conflict of interest law which NC board members are subject to per DONE, conflict of interest does not have to involve monetary gain. It can be as simple as advancing personal goals and visions for changing the City.
Avi Ryzman
Chair Berker, on page PL-200-3 of the architect's drawings that is on the Mid City's website, it shows the hieght of the top of the gym to be 73'-6". (And not as verbally stated by the architect on this Zoom as 48' + 16'.)
Mehmet Berker, Chair
ok thanks Avi
Isack Fadlon
Thanks Avi
MargaretRose Flores
As of right now…anyone who has proof of residenscy can get a permanent parking pass for zone 78. That includes Detroit, Cloverdale, Cochran, and the next street West. Which means that people from your structure can park 3 streets to the east and west
Barbara Gallen
And Parking Enforcement has gone MIA for the most part — the restaurant valets have been parking cars in Dist 78 with impunity for years. VIsitors to this project will do the same.
MargaretRose Flores
What is your price point for the “affordable” housing units???? Most buildings in this area are rent controlled.
Steven Luftman
this is what is known as a façade-ectomy, they are demolishing the building - but preserving the façade
Barbara Gallen
Wally — are the employee / building personnel parking spaces included in the total parking figure you gave?
Unknown Speaker
02:15:42 5WjvTn5WjvTn5WjvTn5WjvTn: where is the trash collection area for this building? next to residential on cloverdale & cochran? is the loading zone large enough for trucks or do you see them loading on our streets
Barbara Gallen
Mehmet: please address the off menu incentive asks. They don’t comply with SB 181.
Barbara Gallen
Barbara Gallen
Mehmet: Please provide documentation of high income people using transit as their exclusive mode of transportation in lieu of owning a car. How many cars does Wally and his famliy own in addition to using transit? Most of us use transit but we also use cars.
MargaretRose Flores
The standard rate of affordable housing is 90 to 110 percent of the Fair market Rent. You have not disclosed what your rents will be…so there is no way for me to see the amount of rent would be
Unknown Speaker
02:20:53 5WjvTn5WjvTn5WjvTn5WjvTn: what does this do to our property values single family and multi families? Especially props in the shadow zone.
where can we see these conditions in writing?
who is able to see the Q and A?
Barbara Gallen
Mehmet, the committee sounds like you are more concerned about the applicant than the community. You should be telling the applicant to report back to the committee, not to the board. The board automatically rubber stamps what you send them.
thank you Barbara
Mehmet Berker, Chair
Mehmet Berker, Chair
Mr. Mylonas moved that the MCWCC PLUC moved to support the project under the following conditions:1. Residential gym set back 16 feet,2. North wall has articulation, screening, or other methods to break down the solidity of the facade,3. Publicly-accessible ground floor open space should not be under the control of any particular retailer but rather the building at large and should be open to the public without need of payment for goods and services not on the ground floor in said manner,4. To the extent allowable by law residents would not be allowed to participate in the permit parking district on Cloverdale or Cochran,5. The applicant report back to the full Board on a package of extra affordable units outside of the SB 1818 requirement ranging from low to moderate income levels at 80% to 100% of AMI with a total count equal to or preferably greater than the nine additional affordable units
Mehmet Berker, Chair
the motion approved for item 5
Mehmet Berker, Chair
I see you Annmarie, hold on a sec
Mehmet Berker, Chair
i see you Taylor
Taylor Holland
I am talking
Taylor Holland
Mehmet Berker, Chair
Taylor Holland
I'll type!
Mehmet Berker, Chair
Taylor Holland
Can you maybe ask for them to report on the possibility of phased development as a harms reduction approach to construction
Taylor Holland
If there is a right to return then folks can stay in place during construction and move once into the new building instead of being displaced in the construction process
Taylor Holland
no more thoughts! I was just trying to think what this committee could advocate for
Daniel Schoorl
Thank you Taylor
Daniel Schoorl
Thanks Mehmet, that’s good to know.
Mehmet Berker, Chair
patrick, I'll text Ian O Brien, but you may want to call 911?