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PrEP Learning Network: Using Human-Centered Design to Bridge the Disconnect Between Providers and End Users in PrEP Programming - Shared screen with speaker view
Kristine Torjese
Welcome everyone!
Kristine Torjese
all slides and a resource sheet will be shared after the webinar
Kristine Torjese
Please use the chat to share questions and comments during the presentations
Manya Dotson
Aubrey Weber
From Deborah: Are these findings being or already published in peer-review articles? thanks!
Kristine Torjese
we will include links to any published materials in the resource sheet after the webinar
Katie Schwartz
IDI stands for in-depth interviews
Nikhil Patil
Kristine / Martha - I’m curious how many participants are currently attending this webinar?
Anne LaFond
Would love to hear how these findings are being translated into practice.
Kristine Torjese
We have 102 total on the line right now (8 panelists, 94 attendees)
Kristine Torjese
@Kelsey, yes a recording will be posted on the PrEP LN website along with a resource sheet
Katie Schwartz
Yes, the recording, slides and resource sheet will all be available post call. please see this link for back resources as well! https://www.prepwatch.org/virtual-learning-network/
Debra Pinkney
Will the tools be included in the resources shared from this webinar?
Aubrey Weber
Question from Desta: What are the content of mobile App.
Waziri Nyoni
Are there restrictions to adapt the animations to other languages?
Aubrey Weber
Question from Amy: How will PreP be integrated with the upcoming rollout of the DPV ring?
Aubrey Weber
Question from Yolaan: Wondering if any of these studies were done with Sexworkers? Interested in how one was able to mobilise or create demand amongst key populations. Especially in a context where there is no National Rollout for all
Aubrey Weber
Question from Ochuko: How can one access the tools for HCW?
Brian Pedersen
Were the HCW videos complemented by any in-person trainings or coaching? Do you have any evaluation data demonstrating how well the videos alone improved HCW attitudes and skills?
Cyprien Tendo
Do you have the message in local language, Bemba for example
Kristine Torjese
@Amy: resources for ring introduction can be found on PrEPWatch, including this one that explores how ring could be layered on PrEP rollout in 7 countries: https://www.prepwatch.org/resource/dapivirine-ring-early-intro-considerations/
Aubrey Weber
Question from Kyaw: our country also plan to develop for PrEP tracker. Where can I learn more about thisPrEp management system? How work?
Aubrey Weber
Question from Manju: thanks for great presentations. For Zambia HCD - did you also create tools specific for users?
Nikhil Patil
How was HCD used in the development of these interventions (mobile app, PrEP mgmt system, etc.)? Were there prototypes that were iterated in partnership with end users? Any additional information on this prototyping & iteration process?
Brian Pedersen
Can we also please share a copy of the national communication strategy that was developed to support PrEP rollout?
Aubrey Weber
Question from Barbara: it would be helpful if one of the panelists could explain how HCD differs from the tremendous body of work in the 90’s and 2000’s about quality of care in family planning post-Cairo?
Aubrey Weber
Question from Ricky: curious about if FP came up during the ideation step?
Aubrey Weber
Question from Jenny: Would the use of structural programs be a good way to generate demand for prevention options and improve adherence
Aubrey Weber
Question from Barbara: I noticed the animated health worker said PrEP is for people at HIGH RISK of HIV—is it possible the message will come across that the CHW will need to determine level of risk vs counseling the woman to make her own assessment of her risk/need?
Aubrey Weber
Question from Melissa: Any effective strategies for reaching men for PrEP uptake?
Yolaan Andrews
PrEP Ambassador Training Tools very much needed. Thank you
Kelvin Kaari
How are you addressing segment in terms of communication strategies - MSMs and Sex workers -in areas where such groups face discrimination
Brian Pedersen
Thank you!
Katie Schwartz
Yolaan- the ambassador training can be found here: https://www.prepwatch.org/resource/ambassador-training-package/ currently specific to AGYW at the moment, but being adapted for a general population, as Kristine mentionedoops! meant for all.
Cyprien Tendo
Does any one have an experience or ressources about community prep provision on community setting? out of clinical setting?