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CARES Act – ESSER Funds - Shared screen with speaker view
Tricia Kerr (AR)
Just a reminder that National origin is where English Learners are addressed in the GEPA Statements.
Amy Thomas
kwalters - we will begin reimbursements in June for ESSER funds. But, yes, you can accrue as needed to end your fiscal year per normal yearend processes.
Kelli Martin
Can funds be used to make up for deficits in food service?
Jessica Duff
Good question, Kelli!
Amy Thomas
USDE FAQ# 21. May an SEA or LEA use ESSER funds for allowable costs incurred prior to receiving grant funds?Yes. An SEA and LEA may use ESSER funds for any allowable expenditure incurred on or after March 13, 2020, the date the President declared the national emergency due to COVID-19.
Amy Thomas
Program codes should be used in eFinance for all expenditures of ESSER funds. These codes are posted with the allocations. These will allow ADE to compile some of the required federal reporting items.
Charles Blake
If there is a change in school schedule which would modify the school day because of covid-19 why wouldn't buses be included?
Lee Smith
Yes, same question, please address the food services deficit.
Kelli Martin
Checking to see if you see the question from Greenbrier about food service.
Andy Curry
Is it possible to use this money to reimburse parents for internet access?
Jessica Duff
I posted the food question in the FAQ page as well