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Melinda Smith
Megan Parrette
nhs - once community is all set
Torri Egan
As for thursday 4/9 what will the day look like for students and teachers?
What is the official last day of school for students?
Lori Chesanek - How can a day be added beyond the contractual days for teachers?
Jennifer Fulone
This is Jennifer Fulone...I just want to say how impressed I am with the 8th grade team. My son was struggling with a math concept, and Mrs. Chenail held a 15 one-on-one online instruction session with my son. This was so appreciated! In addition, she sent a birthday card to our home this week for Cameron.....nice to see that human "touch" is still there <3
Matt Polsky
I understand that we wouldn't be shortening the year if we eliminated April Vacation, but given the change in education structure, couldn't we add those days back in to make up for the change. Matt Polsky Sunset Hill Road
Matt Polsky
Understood. Thanks
Jacki Heffernan
just wanted to commend the superb job thompson public schools has done navigating this remote learning. I work as a therapist in Worcester and our school system has structured the academic time beautifully which is helpful for those who struggle with executive functioning issues
Jessica Toscani Soullier
I would just like to thank all the staff in the district for doing their best in keeping us parents informed to the best of their abilities. I hear a lot of negative feedback from other school districts parents and I am very proud to share at how well our district has handled this very new and untredded situation.
Laurie DiCicco
With April 20th being the Monday after April vacation, when will we find out if we are out longer? Didn't the governor issue stay at home orders until April 30th?
iPhone (2)Amy
I am glad they are keeping April vacation. I think the patents, students, and teachers will appreciate the much needed break from what has been a very stressful couple of weeks.
Donna Shaw
Sending a thanks to both students and their parents for working so hard in difficult circumstances. Student responses to online teaching have been amazing. We have the best kids anywhere!
April Levesque
I also would like to say amazing job to many staff. I can tell you there were hiccups but they were worked through. 4 kids here and all doing amazing with changes. my older daughter couldn't sleep and was doing work at 2:30 am and teacher answered her back in seconds. my daughter was like what! teacher could sleep
April Levesque
great job to all!
Cecilia Fuentes
Cecilia Fuentes here. I want to Thank the whole Bradley program for being amazing to my son. Especially Ms. Meaghan K in the middle school. In Elementry school Ms. Jewett !!!! GREAT job Thompson public school
April Levesque
mrs Jambard!!!!
iPhone (2)Amy
you can save chats on zoom
Cecilia Fuentes
forgot one! especially Mr. Christopher Jones THANK YOU
Christie Akana
Thank you to all the paras who have put in all the hourless efforts for their students and teachers. we
iPhone (2)Amy
yes Christie
Matt Polsky
Absolutely! Well done to all. I appreciate how hard the whole district is working. Matt Polsky
Michele Roy
Kudos to the paraprofessionals working with their cooperating teachers every day at all hours! We are so lucky to have such dedicated paras!!!
Jacki Heffernan
I work with kids in Massachusetts for counseling and Thompson is leaps and bounds ahead of how school has been structured. Thompson proud!
Melanie Hachigian
completely agree Val!!!