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Transporting Melbourne: Report Launch - Shared screen with speaker view
Ishaan Nanga
Hi Rotary Club Templestowe, thanks for your question and agree with the challenge you highlight. The report doesn't take a position on which forms of road user pricing the integrated plan should incorporate. It calls for all forms, whether system-wide, area based licensing or cordon charging, to be evaluated. The equity of any particular measure will also depend on how it's designed and implemented. For example, you could link cordon pricing to the availability of public transport close to your home.
E-ROOM Committee for Melbourne
Thank you to everyone for joining us today. You will receive an email with the recording of today's Forum and the report later today. There will also be a link to provide feedback on today's forum.We are now moving into the e-networking session and upgrading you so you'll be able to turn on your cameras so we can see who's in the room, and can unmute yourself to ask any unanswered questions.
E-ROOM Committee for Melbourne
You now all have access to turn your cameras on. and you can give us a wave and turn your microphones on if you would like to ask questions or provide comments