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4/7/20 Manufacturers Subgroup - Shared screen with speaker view
Jonathan LaDuke
Water ski’s?
John Messner
Copy that
Darcie Perkins
Small Business Majority - webinar link https://go.smallbusinessmajority.org/e/229072/o-support-for-small-businesses/73hwb/227634043?h=yAGQB8f_hoIFH-a2YnuYC8P4L_hsSgNVtZ8QfCAQGvY
Darcie Perkins
That is on the business website under training and learning resources.
Jonathan LaDuke
Chamber community -- here is an awesome offer posted by StartUp Colorado that is worth looking intohere is the link https://covid19financehelp.splashthat.com/Startup?fbclid=IwAR3PtQams8vFY8zeYEMU1NqXZEXMCxaYOXlLOUhjc_HsgFAaIEXsMNq2c6sIn this confusing SBA information these guys are offering free assistance.Startup Colorado "We've assembled a group of experienced CFOs, controllers, and other finance professionals to help small businesses navigate through the crisis. It's a free service – people are volunteering their time to help out." - Seth Levine, Startup Colorado board member and co-founder of Foundry Group, a Boulder-based venture firm.
Darcie Perkins
Thanks Jon - I think that is on the website as well. If its not I’ll add it.