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CEO Roundtable: Leading Through Change - Shared screen with speaker view
Gavin Spitzner
Great point by Robert….money is in motion, people need help….get out there and prospect!
lance drucker
Most of the chat must be directed to you as we can't see it
Glen Jackson
Using Redtail's Calendar in my group helps us to work remotely. The assistant can put her activities on the calendar, we can assign thing to her, get feedback, look at each others notes, track blast email marketing -- it's great. Then the Riskalyze check in's are a great way to take client temperatures
Robert Sofia
In light of all the questions and comments around remote work, I thought you might appreciate having a link to our Remote Work Style Guide. It shows both the technology we use and the principles we function by. Feel free to use and share. Here is a link to it: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/robertsofia_principles-of-remote-work-activity-6643687529834967040-Kqfk
Adam Holt
Im curious all: Who is taking proactive planning action for their clients and communicating it? How are you doing it?
Glen Jackson
I am using FMG Suite to send communications once a week, along with other short videos and short pieces. I'm planning this week to do a person video of self based on this call
Glen Jackson
I also use Riskalyze check in's. If you don't use Riskalyze, send out a generic risk tolerance questionnaire or something interactive!! You want them to respond to you with something. Track it all in Redtail in their record. If you don't have Redtail, GET IT!!! It's ESSENTIAL
Glen Jackson
Snappy Kracken has impressed me as superior to what I'm using so I'm looking at them now
Adam Holt
I recently rediscovered LOOM.com as a video engagement platform to send relevant messages to bulk or individuals from me and connect. Check this version out: https://www.loom.com/share/58eaca6eef7245958b3167ff85508eb1
Zach Lindgren
Here's a link to what Eric is discussing. https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20200331005450/en/Orion-Offers-Free-Planning-Platform-Advisors-Campaign
Margaret OConnor
Rather than "shot in the dark" email blasts, regardless of adding personal videos or the like, my company,
Eric Clarke
We are here to help, free communication resources and planning workflows can be found at www.orionadvisortech.com/covid19
Margaret OConnor
CLient 4 Life Group offers a patented process to add fractional support to FInancial Advisors to provide personal check in phone calls to an Advisor's end client with a decision tree script that makes sure you are meeting expectations as well as potentially revealing problems they need assistance with or, better yet, opportunities that the Advisor did not know about. Check us out Client4LifeGroup.com
Kyle Anglin
Will any of you consider hiring in states where you don't have a physical presence - allowing 100% WFH?
Kyle Anglin
FWIW I have worked directly with several of your employees while they WFH and they have all been great. We all had to adjust, but you have done so well. Kudos to you and your teams!
Glen Jackson
Margaret OConnor
Thank you. Very informative and thought provoking.
Corey Westphal
Thank you everyone for joining!
Glen Jackson
Corey, did you type that or speak it? Talk, don't type