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WSWHE BOCES 6th Annual Legislative Breakfast - Shared screen with speaker view
Heather Evans, Hinman Straub
Heather Evans Hinman Staub hevans@hinmanstraub.com
Robert Smullen
Great job on the Pledge of Allegiance Liam! Semper Fidelis-
excellent student panel!!!!!!! thank you all for participating!!!
Senator Daphne Jordan
I have another meeting now. I want to thank the Culinary students for the delicious muffins and banana bread. Thank you to the students who gave us their perspective on virtual learning. Thank you to all of the Superintendents for your hard work and a special thank you to Jim Dexter!
Dawn Neville
The students were wonderful. Thank you legislatures for attending. Thank you to all for planning this. Much appreciated.
Tricia Biles
Thank you all for a great update. The student voices are so important for all of us to hear - and what a great representation. Thank you.
Neil A. Gifford
Thank you all, especially the students. The whole meeting as informative and enjoyable. Very impressive students.