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Midwest Legislative Perspectives: The Pandemic's Impact on Higher Education - Shared screen with speaker view
La Shawn Ford
How long will the meeting be?
Katie Chock
It goes until 11a.
La Shawn Ford
Thank you for resending the link I was about to panic. Lol
Julie Underwood
Thanks for putting together this panel!
Jeff Smith
A favorite friend is Tom Harnisch Sr.!
Michael Cartney
Will we be able to get a copy of the slides being presented?
Tom Walsh
Just to clarify the budget cuts in Ohio - the 3.8% cut was actually a 15% cut of the remaining unexpended funds for the remainder of FY 20. We will not know what the additional cuts are for FY 21 until next month.
Mary Roberson
Yes, the slides will be available to all on the MHEC website.
Judy Lee
What are the criteria for distribution of the federal funds going to institutions? A weekend article stated that funds are going to wealthy, private K-12 schools.
Michael Cartney
Did the CARES act requirements change as we could not give emergency fin aid to exclusively online and non-title IV eligible students?
Thomas Harnisch
Michael—great questions. Yes, students in fully online programs are not eligible for aid. This holds true for the House bill as well.
Thomas Harnisch
Judy—for the governor’s fund, they have broad discretion on the distribution. On higher ed, yes, it goes to wealthy and non-wealthy institutions alike (although Harvard and a few others have given back the money). I would have to check on the K-12 front.
Connie Hutchison
will these questions and answers also be available to us after the meeting?
Katie Chock
We will provide a recording on the MHEC website afterwards.
Suzanne Morris
What role will testing have if/when students return to campuses.
Mary Mascher
Share with us the liability issues Universities may face if there are outbreaks in the fall.
Joan Ballweg
U of Wisconsin is doing several furlough days for staff
David Eisler
For states looking for an excellent example on higher education reentry, I recommend reading the Report of the Higher Education Subcommittee Reopen Connecticut.
Reynold Nesiba
Any sense of the NCAA position on sports competition this fall? Will we be gathering in stadiums? Playing football?
Michael Cartney
Are any other colleges looking at th use of tracking applications such as Care19?
Thomas Harnisch
Here is testimony on the liability issues from the legal counsel at TCU for your reference https://www.judiciary.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/Tyner%20Testimony.pdf
Judy Lee
The ND Governor has supported Care19, but the public is not enthusiastic about the privacy challenges.
Tom Walsh
Outside of higher ed to help offset revenue cuts, we know there will be a need to quickly ramp up workforce/short-term training for displaced workers. For community and technical colleges, this will come at a time when we are experiencing significant cuts from the state. Is Congress looking at funding to help institutions ramp up capacity? (Or are there good state examples to look at?)
Mary Roberson
Here is the CT report recommended by Dr. David Eisler: https://portal.ct.gov/-/media/Office-of-the-Governor/News/20200506-Recommendations-to-Governor-Lamont-for-a-phased-reopening-of-colleges-and-universities.pdf?la=en