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Special Guest U.S. Congressman Steve Stivers, CARES Act & FFCRA Update - Shared screen with speaker view
Laura Radvan
Ryan McDaniel
I have been told by medical providers that they will not fill out FMLA paperwork in regards to FFCRA. They are stating it is because they do not have the time to do so. What should companies do in this case?
Greg Ferrall
We have 2 full-time staff members who were offered a furlough arrangement at the outset of the pandemic in mid-March who also participate in our healthcare plan. We are continuing to pay 100% of their premiums. Our understanding is that the maximum time allowed away from work, and still remain on a plan, is 13 weeks. Is this time period accurate and does it vary by insurer? Is there any discussion about extending this time period?
Karen Shroyer
Ryan - during this time we have suspended the need for FML paperwork to be filled out. However, we do require notification from the physician's office outlining the reason for leave and return date. We are then using this information to make a determination.
Ryan McDaniel
Thank you
Brian Thomeczek
For the FFCRA is anything required for documentation when paying 2/3 pay if the employee is watching kids or feeling ill? We are requiring doctor's orders to receive 100% of pay because they are seeking treatment or are issued a quarantine notice. Is this all we need to do in order to submit for credits?
Karen Shroyer
Brian, because the need for leave to care for a child due to school/daycare closing is part of the expanded FMLA, we are requiring employee's provide us with documentation. This is fairly easy as it can be an email from the provider, a screen shot from their website, or a text message they received. Hope this helps.
Carly DeBaldo
Carly DeBaldo
OR send an e-mail via https://stivers.house.gov, then click CONTACT
Brian Thomeczek
Karen, what is needed if an employee is just staying home because they are ill and don't seek medical treatment?
Brian Thomeczek
Our company has PTO, but not sick pay. Do they need to take this prior to the FFCRA time?
Anne Marie Singleton
Anne Marie Singleton
Anne Marie - cell 937-469-3929