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COVID-19 and Cancer Patients - Shared screen with speaker view
Dawn Shelton-Williams
Good morning, everyone. Dawn Shelton-Williams, Aurora Family Service (Advocate Aurora Health), Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Beth Brunner
Good morning, Dawn! Thank you for joining.
Richard Badger
How does this compare to other states? Regionally, nationally?
Noelle LoConte
Question for Dr. Wegner - is the county determined by residence or location of testing? Are we losing any data to IA or MN?
Gloria Singleton-Young
Why are we seeing more in Milwaukee compared to the other parts of the state?
Sophia Aboagye
Will this webinar recording be shared with everyone - if so, do you have/need our email addresses?
Beth Brunner
Thank you for the questions! Please keep using the chat to ask questions and we will get to them at the end of the call.
Noelle LoConte
Relative to the study released today: Surgery or immunotherapy *within last 40 days*
Sophia Aboagye
Cancer patients are at a 3.5 times higher risk of poor outcomes with COVID19. Does this include survivors?
Beth Brunner
Hi Sophia - The recording of the call will be available right after the call. We will use the email address that participants provided when they registered for the webinar. If you have another email address, just let us know in the chat.
Julie Marks
Can you send me the slides? I did get called away for patient care.
Julie Marks
Julie Marks
Beth Brunner
Hi Julie - Yes, we will make sure to send the slides and recording to you. Stay well and thank you for all you doing for patients!
Jennifer Balistreri
Aurora Cancer Care has started using our Advocate Aurora Health app for virtual appointments and reports being shared with patients in "My Chart". Hoping to have more patients sign up for this option.
Sophia Aboagye
Our team works with survivors, there isn't much info about COVID and cancer survivors. But we're getting a lot of questions and fear because they hear COVID and cancer - but not COVID and survivors
Sara Sahli
Hi everyone. It’s Sara Sahli, Government Relations Director for the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network in Wisconsin. I wanted to share a bit about the work that the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network is doing right now. Throughout these difficulties, an undeniable theme has emerged: Cancer hasn't stopped. So neither have we. In many ways the COVID-19 pandemic has only further highlighted the critical importance of patient advocacy and ACS CAN’s priority issues, most critically the need for access to adequate, affordable health care, particularly for patients with serious illnesses. Proudly, ACS CAN is leading efforts in Washington DC and across the country to ensure we’re advocating to help ease the increased burden the pandemic is placing on cancer patients and their families, and we are fighting for continued economic relief for our nonprofit community so ACS CAN and the American Cancer Society can continue our lifesaving services.
Sara Sahli
Overall goal at all levels of government is to make sure the most at risk populations are able to get access and that it is affordable.Please let me know if you’d like further information or materials that give further and more specific details on our current efforts.
Gloria Singleton-Young
Komen is planning a series of webinars on different topic in regards to BC and CoVID-19
Sara Sahli
Amy, can you send the infographic out to group?
Aria Jordan
What can cancer survivors who are essential staff do to protect themselves during this outbreak?
Sarah Kerch - Presenter
We can include resources shared in a resource list to be shared after the webinar.
Debra Nevels
MCW Community Engagement Team has developed a resource tool for after the pandemic slows
Sara Sahli
thanks Sarah!
Lannia Stenz
Gilda’s Club Madison shifted all of our free emotional support to Zoom. People affected by cancer and those who care for them can join Gilda’s virtually. Currently we are still offering support groups, individual counseling, patient advocacy, yoga, guided relaxation, as well as educational and social activities. All programs are no cost to those who participate. More details at www.gildasclubmadison.org.
Jennifer Mylock
The Lung Cancer Research Foundation has provided a fact sheet and keep up to date resources on our website. We are also hosting interactive webinars on a variety of topics and engaging participants through having healthcare providers answer questions.
Debra Nevels
We would definitely share!!
Anneke Mohr
Milwaukee Tobacco Free Alliance is monitoring smoke, vape, cigar, and CBD shops, which should be closed according to Gov Evers Safer at Home order
Sara Sahli
Oh, I should mention that ACS and ACS CAN are also currently running a survey specifically for furvivors and asking how they have been impacted.
Jennifer Balistreri
I am also on the board of directors for WBCC, Wisconsin Breast Cancer Col. is moving their annual survivorship chair art program for to a virtual setting so more folks can participate across the state in art therapy. Info meetings are coming up, I can share the link too.
Kim Kinner
Hi everyone - Kim Kinner with the American Cancer Society - I will add to Sara's comments that ACS also has a landing page on our website with lots of resources for patients, caregivers, survivors here: https://www.cancer.org/about-us/what-we-do/coronavirus-covid-19-and-cancer.html
Sara Sahli
Judy Mindin
ABCD: After Breast Cancer Diagnosis is making COVID-19 personal check-in calls to our Participants as well as staying connected with our Mentor base. Because our services are phone-based, our services will go uninterrupted through the healthcrisis.
Jennifer Balistreri
Just the chair art program is virtual, hoping to have the actual event in Fall.
Sara Sahli
so much great work everyone - and familiar names. great to connect. you are all amazing!
ilka hoffins
Hello, I'm Ilka Hoffins, from Advocate Aurora Health Care. We've adapted Team Phoenix to a virtual format in order to help keep area survivors active and connected. (Team Phoenix is, a survivorship program for cancer survivors that offers a reconditioning program by training for a triathlon each summer)
Jennifer Mylock
Kim Kinner
Thank you Beth and everyone! I hope we can get the list of resources available - this is fantastic!
How are patients on radiation treatment managed with precautions for COVID
any special instructions for patients undergoing radiation therapy?
Beth Brunner
Thank you everyone for the questions and comments! Please continue to keep them coming.
Jennifer Balistreri
Is there a way for folks who are out of work or have more time on their hands help cancer patients during this COVID19 pandemic? Any community orgs have volunteer help options?
Candice Strong
Tricia's Troops Cancer Connection has a good supply of hand sanitizer that we typically put in our Chemo Care Tote Bags. If there are cancer centers or organizations that hear of this need for the patients they serve, please feel free to reach out to me and I can deliver some in the SE Wisconsin area. We want to get them in the right hands rather than sitting on our shelves!
Regina Vidaver
Food banks still need physical volunteers
Jennifer Balistreri
Candice - what is your email?
Candice Strong
Judy Mindin
ABCD: After Breast Cancer Diagnosis' services for breasts cancer patients will remain uninterrupted because we are phone-based.
Judy Mindin
For those who are not familiar with ABCD, we offer free personalized emotional support to those affected by a breast cancer diagnosis.
Sara Sahli
will you resend the registration link for May 14 again? thanks!
Carrie Kilman
Registration link for May 14: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/uZclcuuurD4uJl2u134q9MC_7_t1ccvdKw