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Intro to brightwheel Check-in and Attendance: Make Drop-off and Pick-up a Breeze - Shared screen with speaker view
Camryn Leiser
Webinar Housekeeping!- We will email you a recordings of the entire webinar series at the end of the week- Your certificate of attendance will be available at the end of the session- Use the Q&A feature to ask questions during the presentation (feel free to hold questions until the end - we are going to cover a lot of content and may cover your questions during the session!)- For technical support please visit support.zoom.us
Camryn Leiser
*Certificate of Attendance* www.mybrightwheel.com/bootcamp6.
Camryn Leiser
*Certificate of Attendance* www.mybrightwheel.com/bootcamp6
Camryn Leiser
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