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Zilker Park Vision Plan: TAG Meeting #3 - Shared screen with speaker view
Atha Phillips
Just to give an update about the critical environmental feature inventory our team has been conducting. So far, we have been able to capture all areas except the Sunshine Camp, Zilker Botanical Garden, and Zilker Clubhouse. We will be going to these sites on July 22. All CEFs that we have found to date are now available using GIS or the Property Profile tool.
denisha jenkins
Yes that could be better explained
Caitlin Admire
Most definitions of "Sustainability" will have three components, often talked about as SEE (social, economic and environmental or PPP (People, Planet, Profit)
Jonathan Ogren
@Atha-- This is great news. We will look for data in the database late July but feel free to let us know when it is updated. Once we see the data we will likely have some follow up questions.
Amanda Ross
What is the best way to provide comments back on the goals? I wasn't sure that we had really dug into them in this group and wanted to understand the best way to provide feedback on these from the TAG?
Claire Hempel | Design Workshop
Great question, Amanda. If you have any comments on goals/guiding principles, please send them to Greg Montes and/or Megan Eckard. They will forward them on to the consultant team.
Amanda Ross
Thank you Claire.
Cynthia Klemmer
This ties in to a different project, but perhaps mentioning the Climate/Cultural District being considered (that would include Zilker Park) should be included in the parking/accessibility discussion? It would seem to offer benefits in adding circulation while spreading out costs. (If it already is, then disregard.)
Steven Linett
As of last year, we are posting the parking fees for the MACC to our Parking and Gate Entry fund, too
Claire Hempel | Design Workshop
Lauren is with Nelson\Nygaard :)
Amanda Ross
Can we have an update on what the programing public meeting will address? It would also be good to coordinate another small group meeting with educational groups. The last one was the week of star testing.
Anthony Savage
I think my mic is not working, We are currently making scooter parking in the great lawn parkings while there are closed and being repaved and made ADA accessible
Amanda Ross
Another item that hasn't been addressed that would be good to include is the enforcement/crime/aspects. We have some data on this but it would be good to have improvements that help address areas of concern.
Claire Hempel | Design Workshop
The Programming Community Meeting (Aug. 10, Zoom) will dive in deeper on funding/revenue and discuss programming for the park - getting feedback on which events/programs people think should stay in the park, be moved outside of the park, grow, and what events should be added or accentuated.
Cynthia Klemmer
Also (or as part of the programming meeting), the topic of interpretation and wayfinding needs to be addressed more specifically. We have several natural hubs already, and with kiosks at these and a few other sites around the park we could help provide information in a decentralized way. Thinking through this a bit more seems to be a good point for a bit of a deep dive.
Claire Hempel | Design Workshop
Good idea, Cindy.
Claire Hempel | Design Workshop
Amanda - received your comments about enforcement/safety and education small group - thank you.
Cynthia Klemmer
I'm an admitted novice on this topic, but could access/parking be separated from trail riding for the topic of scooters? It seems to be two different categories of usage, one helpful, and one not so much.
Lauren Mattern
Yes, absolutely Cynthia - need for additional facilities has been common theme
Cynthia Klemmer
It would be a great help in the programming discussion if we can include not only what is happening now, but projecting out to the future/needs and suggesting some different strategies and options. (Just like we discussed having funding/financial strategies to suggest.) There are models to help 'spread out' the pinch points of events-- timed tickets, multi-day or seasonal events, etc. There is a lot of innovation going on in this area.
Scott Hiers
We have compiled a list of comments for the SANA report from some WPD staff. When will WPD received comment response.
Claire Hempel | Design Workshop
Scott - we have a comment log with responses that we can make available to the TAG on the shared OneDrive.
Charlie McCabe
Cynthia, happy to add the future planning in for ZBG and ANSC, thanks to you and Amanda, we do have a good handle on the present needs and peak times.
Scott Hiers
Perfect. Can you send the link?
Claire Hempel | Design Workshop
Yes - I will send out the link as a follow up email to the TAG, along with today's presentation.
Cynthia Klemmer
Agreed-- thanks, Charlie. Will check with Amanda and Jessica, but for the Garden I can add to the list some ideas we are working toward for future needs.
Charlie McCabe
Great, thanks Cynthia!
PARD Gregory Montes
Hopping off to another meeting. Thanks everyone for your time & input!
Scott Hiers
Goals and Guiding Principles look fine. I have to run to another meeting. Thanks!
Claire Hempel | Design Workshop
Thank you Scott.
Caitlin Admire
I also need to jump off, thanks!
denisha jenkins
Thanks everyone
Cynthia Klemmer
Thank you so much-- excited and grateful for this process!
Riley Triggs