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EdgeX: Core WG Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Eric Cotter
Jason were you able to quantify the Kuiper memory usage of .5 meg per rule? It was mentioned by the folks with Kuiper earlier in a working meeting.
Jason Bonafide
Good question, that is still a concern. My approach was naive. It would requrie a rule per device in its current state. I think memory is something we would need to really address if Kuiper were to be accepted at least for something like this when talking about matching devices (rules engine)
Jim White
Jason/Eric - if you can help quantify the concerns based on what you see, that would be useful for us to take to the Kuiper team. It may be our use; it may be a common need; we can chat with them about what we see, concerns and how/who addresses it going forward.
Jason Bonafide
Would love to. Took several notes during this implementation and had some questions for the Kuiper team
I'll see what performance evaluations they've updated today
Eric Cotter
Dynamic rule creation….would be nice. With use of templating like in your “where” Claus