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Conversation with the County Executive - Shared screen with speaker view
Claire Noll
Are there gowns in the stockpile in case a facility has a COVID positive resident? We are having trouble obtaining them.
Kelly McLaughlin
When do you anticipate that the County will start engaging its own contact tracers (rather than through the State)? How can residents find out more about applying to the County? We have many clients in need of jobs and would like to understand the job qualifications. The current links send them to the State point of contact. Is the County planning to give preference to public school system staff as the State is apparently doing?
Kelly McLaughlin
Is there a way to include serology testing data on the County dashboard? Are you requiring local testing sites to provide that data to you?
Kelly McLaughlin
Many of us are very appreciative of the Administration's housing rental assistance program through DHCD.
Scott Peterson
For Ball Bulletin: Please text "Ball Bulletin" to 22828 or register here at https://www.howardcountymd.gov/Branches/County-Executive/Newsletter - Scott Peterson, Director of Communications for County Executive Ball
Claire Noll
They can only give 5 or 10 gowns at a time.
stacie hunt
LHC is recruiting for the Premier class of 2021, please email stacie@leadershiphc.org for more information.
stacie hunt
congrats Jenn, we will miss you and we are so excited about your new adventure and we are super excited that Vanita will be leading the next team -she is awesome
Laurie Remer
congrats Jen!!!
Michael Demidenko
Today HoCoDSS will be highlighting its Child Protection efforts today during the Behavioral Health Provider meeting sponsored by the HCHD/LHIC