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Dare Advanced Members Call - Shared screen with speaker view
Isabel van der Vlugt
I’m sorry I am really busy so I can’t talk or put the camera on, but I am glad I have this on the background! :)
Isabel van der Vlugt
I’ve missed that, how can I find it?
carol christie
I joined a couple of the groups but not sure how it works? Haven't connected with anyone yet and would like to.
Araceli's iPhone
Checking everything worse my anxiety. I would check my blood pressure, my oxygen, my heat beat .... it was a nightmare
Isabel van der Vlugt
If you’re checking in all the time there is no time to engage. You can’t do 2 things at the same time so if you’re checking in all the time, obviously you won’t engage with life..
carol christie
I agree, I think that is why my dr. told me not to check it at home. Just to let him check it when I go in. It does make our anxiety worse. If the dr. wants me to check it at home, I will.. Thanks to all... boy, it's hard to invite anxiety to stay for tea, isn't it? ha!!
Tina C
I have to go. Thank you again for your insights as usual. Have a great day everyone.