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Crucial Crisis Conversations #1 - Shared screen with speaker view
MaryKaye Cochran
Please use the Chat to ask your questions. Thanks everybody!
beth christian
Glory sighting: We found N95 masks on our district mission trailer. Western State will receive them.
ReNe'e Teague
Recording and posting on the church website is working for more people with less ability to navigate the internet.
Paulo Lopes
Prayer request: Pray for two of my neighbors who have been laid off this week
Nancy Palmer
In my weekly mailings I include news, new prayer requests and 5 Bible Trivia that are from one particular book of the Bible - gets them reading. and they seem to like it
ReNe'e Teague
How are you managing to get all of those mailings done when it’s just you? Do you have office help?
Amy White
I'm nervous going to the post office
ReNe'e Teague
Me too, Amy.
MaryKaye Cochran
Remember to check who you are writing questions to; some of you have the privately selection on
We divided the congregation into care groups with a designated leader. There is a separate group for youth and young adults. Leaders check with each person weekly and forward special concerns to me.
beth christian
MissionInsite just put an email out about how to find people in the neighborhoods who are 60-75 years old. You can plot your members to see who lives near them. THANKS MARYKAYE
Valerie Ritter
Please remember copyright laws.
ReNe'e Teague
We put a lockbox/mail slot in our office door. It’s a hit!
Rev. Tracey Lyons
I did the Love Feast. Instead of Communion
ReNe'e Teague
The Sunday school teachers prepared bags of crafts and stuff for the kids. We let them sit for 3 days so they are clear of the virus and then we deliver them to porches. That’s what I get to do this afternoon. The kiddos are waiting and they wave and get their little bag! We’re going to continue this after the virus is over because our kids like this but they aren’t coming to Sunday school.
Andrew and Joy Book
I love this ReNe'e!
Amanda Harris
the majority of my folks are non-tech savvy. most don't have a computer. does anyone have suggestions on how to maintain community with them?
ReNe'e Teague
Thanks to Dee Kazee…the best SS teacher ever!
Andrew and Joy Book
Good SS teachers make the church!
Amanda Harris
i can call them but the sense of community is not there
Mike Mayton
I have found that Sunday has become a different kind of Sabbath, for me as pastor now that we record worship during the week and put it online. Sunday I am off work so I can restfully worship. Mike Mayton
ReNe'e Teague
Amanda, phone trees. Some of my folks set up a rotation of the shut-ins, most elderly. So they get a call every day from one of 8 people. Each of us just makes 2 calls a day.
Amanda Harris
ReNe'e thank you. Great ideas
Mike Mayton
Thanks, Larry!
Nelson Neil
Could you post a copy of your PPT presentation?
sung woon yoo
Thanks Larry. Very good tips. I will share those tips with my people.
Debbie Baugham
The three churches of our Parish has an evensong devotion every night at 8 PM. A short devotion and time of prayer. It has been well received. We do FACEBOOK LIVE worship at all three churches each Sunday and then send our written sermons out on our Parish Google group to reach those who don't have social media. We also reach out to those who may not be reached otherwise via telephone. We use ZOOM to continue our Bible study each week and ZOOM youth meetings.
Debbie Baugham
Question for Larry: May we please share your ten tips?
Amy White
any tips for being better about calls? times or a schedule I should use? I'm not normally a phone person but with only 10 church members I feel I should be calling but it is not a strength of mine
Debbie Baugham
Amy: I don't use this, but last week I heard about a company called Call-em-all. You can send out a phone blast, like 120 seconds for about $15.00 or less per month. You give them the phone numbers, record your brief messages and they blast them out all at the same time.
Amy White
Good idea Debbie!
Debbie Baugham
Let me know if you use it and how it goes debbiebaugham@vaumc.org
Andrew and Joy Book
Anti-intuitive way of making connection: Be willing to RECEIVE help. People are wanting to help each other during this season, so be willing to receive it. Ex: Our mower died in the middle of our yard over the weekend (it's a 52" zero turn, so it doesn't move easily), and our neighbor offered to let us use his. We accepted a bit reluctantly, but now have a better relationship (and a mowed lawn!)
Amy White
one thing I like about Good Shepherd UMC is that they thanked new people for joining but referred them to other resources that may be near to them as well - nice to be able to worship online but reminders of what will happen later
Larry Davies
I love the sharing worship idea. It's so much easier now in some ways because you can attend from the comfort of your home.
Larry Davies
One thing I learned too is that online worship services probably need to be shorter than usual. We've tried to keep our to between 30 and 45 minutes.
beth christian
we should Zoom Annual Conference
Larry Davies
Some restaurants are taking food to hospitals and nursing homes. We could also support those restaurants as they provide for others.
Paulo Lopes
Andrew, thanks for sharing this. Knowing how to allow others also to serve you is great ministry!
Paulo Lopes
I agree BETH! :)
Larry Davies
What are some of you doing that will make Easter Sunday Speical?
Amy White
I have 2 of my regular members that still have flip phones!!
Owen Taylor
For Easter Sunday we are doing three face book live steams, Sunrise from the cemetery, normal 11 am worship and then a sunset devotion lakeside.
Glenn Riggs
we are delivering lilies to the driveways on Easter
Andrew and Joy Book
We had some conversation one our last district call about how florists are getting stuck with thousands of dollars of lilies. Please consider how you can be in ministry to both the florists and your people!
Janet Knott
Easter Sunday will be our first online service. We are doing a Zoom service where all who are online can see each other.
Andrew and Joy Book
ReNe'e made a great point earlier about how anything left for three days should be safe. If we pack items (or pick up mail), we can just plan for a three day lag time
beth christian
Jason Stanley has written great curriculum for Easter week at home. jasoncstanley.com
Andrew and Joy Book
*"anything" meaning paper/cardboard
ReNe'e Teague
Recording services ahead of time and uploading them to YouTube makes them easier to be sure they work. I use Facebook live all the time and it is very skippy now. I’ll do both for the Sunrise service because I want it videoed live. The 11 service I’ll video this week and schedule a posting of it. Sometimes it takes hours to get a video uploaded out here in slow internet land.
Mike Mayton
We are moving up in receipts, but are about 50%. Mike
We have chosen to journey along with Jesus according to the gospel of Matthew positing videos reading the scriptures of the events
ReNe'e Teague
We’re doing really well. I think we’re down $1000 a month from our budget needs. However, we’ve reduced expenses by way more than that. We shall see. Our people have been so very faithful and many have signed up for online giving as well. The dropbox really helps those envelope givers.
Larry Davies
We have one of the Anxiety Webinars tonight if you are interested. Email me and let me know and I'll send an invitation.
Nelson Neil
We are going to apply for a forgivable Payroll Protection Program loan under the CARES Act. Our income is about 25% of what it was.
Rev. Tracey Lyons
We sent out letters with stamped envelopes. We are breaking even.
Debbie Baugham
Thank you for hosting this.