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Guided Self-Placement – Using the Canvas Tool & Parallel Planning for Onboarding - Shared screen with speaker view
Ty Simpson
thank you
Ty Simpson
we have 14 including those with more than one
Academic Senate for CCC
Thank you all for joining us. Please ask questions and give us feedback about what information you would like to learn more about.
Wendy Smith
Can you provide a link to the research/data on the weaknesses found with using HSGPA?
Academic Senate for CCC
Wendy, we will share that with this webinar.
Eric Thompson
yes it will. it will be posted to the ASCCC website shortly after we finish.
Eric Thompson
Send suggestions and requests for the asccc-gp general course to ethompson@santarosa.edu
John Hetts
With respect to the evidence on the importance of student mindset, I would strongly encourage the review and inclusion of the evidence that self-confidence and academic mindset is something that practitioners and colleges can actively change with thoughtful interventions, and as a result, should be used very cautiously if at all in placement of students into courses that would significantly increase students time to completion without their knowledge of the actual magnitude of those impacts.