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Career Panel Webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
Kelly Rambeau
Thank you for all of this information. I just finished my masters in public health and nutrition. It is great to hear all of the different paths that everyone has taken. I am currently a Director of Nutrition and Wellness in a school district. I am looking to see how I can apply my masters to my current position and having these paths are really a great tool. will you be sharing all contact information at the end of this?
Kelly Rambeau
Ps: My name is Kelly Rambeau
Jason Spearin
For the Panel, Can you discuss some of the emerging public health positions you have heard of or seen in other geographic areas?
Amanda Zwart
First off I want to say I am sorry if I came onto this webinar incorrectly, I have never been to one of these before. My question and comment is currently I reside in MN and have noticed that they require a RN to participate in Public health have you notice that trend in NH
Hello. I'm having a difficult time finding an internship location for the final course of my Masters Program at SNHU. I've contacted my local health department without success. Where else would you advise I try? I live on the borders of North and South Carolina.
Hello! I am finishing my MPH and I would love to hear if you have bridged public health with environmental science in your careers, or work with others who have. I know its a bit of a niche area, but something I imagine will continue to grow as global health takes more precedence with emerging pandemics and climate change conversations.
Thank you so much to all of the presenters who have shared with us. This has been so helpful. I am wondering how any or all of you think that the current Covid pandemic will change the public health scene in NH-now and in the future. Will there be new opportunities in this area?
Amanda Zwart
I am about to graduate with my degree in Healthcare Admin with a concentration of patient safety and quality and am thinking about getting my masters in public health and would also like to ask if you feel if public health is more research or community or if you feel like it is a good mix of both I am interested in community education kind of things
Amanda Zwart
I guess that bounces off of the question earlier about having to have your rn
David Laflamme
Kim, re: internships. Network as much as possible. Join the state public health association. If they have a listserv, write a polished message to introduce yourself to other members and attach your resume.
David Laflamme
AProphett, re: environmental science and public health. Check out the environmental health tracking program. Federal funding. Not sure how many states, but NH participates. Dr. Katie Bush runs it. Here's a link: https://www.nh.gov/epht/
Ok, thank you!
Gwen Williams
I started as an environmental health specialist. There’s definitely room to grow professionally in fields that bridge the gap between env. health and public health
Gwen Williams
I worked primarily with food safety to start, but we also worked on Healthy Homes projects, lead poisoning prevention, and I met some people who did remarkable work in water safety and treatment
Thank you David. I am moving to GA so will have to see how that state does things compared to NH. Appreciate your tips!
Gwen Williams
I expect to see growth in the data analysis areas and in the research fields, especially with microbiology labs and in public health labs.
Excellent webinar!! Many Thanks!!
Kelly Rambeau
Thank you all!