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IABC community and stakeholder engagement - Shared screen with speaker view
Alisha Benson
Hi everyone, Alisha Benson, Partnerships Chair, IABC Victoria here. Please feel free to start your questions in the Q&A section during each of the presentations and I’ll do my best to have them answered by our panelists. :-)
Laura Kerr Melvin
Thank you, Deb. That was so insightful!
Laura Kerr Melvin
Hi everyone, we are experiencing some issues with Julie's sound. Please ensure you are in speaker view, which may help.
Alisha Benson
Please feel free to send more Question through, I’ll ask if you like. In the Q&A section.
E-ROOM Committee for Melbourne
Thank you to all who joined us, you will receive an email tomorrow with the recording of this video, the graphic illustration and a feedback survey that we ask you to fill out.For future events please head to our websites:- Committee for Melbourne: https://melbourne.org.au/events/- IABC Victoria: https://vic.iabc.com/iabc-events/