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Yesenia Anderson's Personal Meeting Room - Shared screen with speaker view
Grace Bell
Please leave any questions here and we will try to get them answered!
Hi Dr. Duke! As a new family to this school I'm wondering if there will be any opportunities to meet our teachers and class mates in person (socially distanced of course!)
Karen Duke
Lisa Troutman
That SAPSA website is sapsamn.org
Marco and Erica Villanueva
I just wanted to send a quick note to say that communication has been great so far.
Andrew Zolli
What do you need? Zoommaster here :-) (Wisdom hard won.)
Hans and Taimi
I'll second the question about a way to 'meet' teachers in person if there is a way to do that during the supply pickup/drive through or at another time in the weeks ahead.
Andrew Zolli
Andrew Zolli
Hard to run the meeting from your phone - do you have a lap
Andrew Zolli
Laptop or computer?
Andrew Zolli
SAP community for the win!
Bryn Manion
Thanks Andrew -- we only lucked out there.
Bryn Manion
Thanks for sharing the SAPSA URL, Lisa. I've got to learn to start every sentence I ever utter with it!
Grace Bell
For anyone just joining us, feel free to ask questions here as they come to you - we will save them until the end but I will be tracking here throughout the call.
Lolyann Connor
My question is about Distance Learning 2.0. I am not feeling like much has changed since last spring. Can we expect to have more teacher lead real time learning and classroom engagement and structure in kids' school days? I have spoken to parents of St. Paul charter schools and the Mpls school district and they have synchronous learning multiple times throughout the whole day, everyday. I am struggling feeling like my kids are experiencing a school day rather than just a list of assignments to work on. Can we expect multiple (at least 3 or 4) daily opportunities for kids to learn by teacher led instruction and classroom engagement?
Bryn Manion
Bryn Manion
If any of you did not receive the mailing from SAPSA, please email me at president@sapsamn.org with your information and I will send our welcome packet your way.
Samantha Snyder
To be added to the Advisory Council email list, please just send me an email at advisory@sapsamn.org
Marco and Erica Villanueva
Any insight on what will happen when students return to school for hybrid model? We opted for distance learning for the entire school year and have not heard what happens to families like us when the student body returns to school.
julie leblanc jackson
Is there a way to see grid view of the class when on google meet on the iPad? I have only been able to get the grid view option on my computer. The speaker view gets very distracting when other kids aren’t muted, and it would be nice to see bigger images of the classmates than the very small boxes in the sidebar.
julie leblanc jackson
Quaver music videos do not work well. It has taken us multiple times throughout the day of trying them before we can get them to play. We had a lot of trouble with Quaver in the spring too. Would request this be a focus for the IT team to work on.
julie leblanc jackson
In seesaw, we can see the list of all activities and activities that are pending. It would be nice to have a list of ‘approved’ items to clearly see what has been submitted and completed (not sent back for re-submission).
Susan Webster
SPPS said that they would have to hire about 1200 additional staff for the hybrid model. Is the hybrid model even feasible for SPPS or do you see us distance learning for the long haul?
Lauren Renner
i see stylus -- call me old school, but has there been discussion about keyboards for upper grades to type longer responses/papers - or is that not developmental/not expectation
Lauren Renner
to clarify, from supplies list provided from district
You said class meetings in person will occur each day: our whole class in person meetings seem to be 1x per week with also a small group live meeting 1x per week. Why different?
signed up for meals + delivery and have heard nothing back
Also - we did not experience distance learning last year and are new to this school. Highly disappointed at the minuscule amount of live instruction and interaction. We know other kids in other distance learning models have much more time with teachers and more synchronous learning time. We feel like we are simply teaching our students with merely the materials provided by their teacher. why shouldn’t we just stop and homeschool with all the resources available there and without all this frustration?
Karen Paulsen
Our specialist teachers (PE, Music, Science ,and Active Inquiry) will host a live meeting on Thursdays during their specialist class time.
Lauren Renner
if kids are being held to standards curriculum and grades - how are assessments going to happen?
Erin Simle
Can you send the specialist live meeting login details?
Karen Paulsen
It will be in their Seesaw or Schoology account the day of the meeting. My meeting will always be in Google Meet and the code will be: Paulsen
Erin Simle
Thank you!
Martine Pola
how do we get the username and password for food reduce program for those who hasn't yet applied for it?
Bryn Manion
Question: How are our teachers and staff receiving additional tech training to stay on top of the best tools and tricks for using all these new tools?
julie leblanc jackson
I don’t have those same list options for activities. I have ‘Waiting for Response’ and ‘Class Activities’.
julie leblanc jackson
Ok I will check for an update
Beth Davies, Counselor
julie leblanc jackson
I now realize our teacher had us in teacher mode last spring… so glad not to be seeing all of the other kids work this year!
Juan and Erica Villanueva
Everyone was learning about what Seesaw could and couldn't do last semester. I'm not surprised that there was a lot of confusion!
Bryn Manion
Hi Martina -- www.schoolcafe.com will walk you through the steps for applying for free and reduced lunch.
Bryn Manion
Question for Beth Davies, Karen Paulsen and Yusuf Mohamed: what are some ways SAPSA can support our teachers and staff this year?
Heather Quinn
Last spring I participated in a couple of city and statewide homemade mask drives. If/when kids go back to school in person, is the district considering ways to get masks to students? If there was a mask drive for the district, I would love to be able to participate, and I bet a lot of parents would as well!
Juan and Erica Villanueva
We appreciate all of the hard work that has gone into the school year thus far.
Heather Quinn
Thank you for all you're doing!
Susan Webster
Thank you! This was really helpful!
Rich Davenport
Thank you to all the staff and educators at SAP. You folks are rock stars, and we are lucky to have you all in our kids' lives.
Erin Simle
thank you for everything! You are doing an amazing job despite tough circumstances. :)
Bryn Manion
Thank you everyone for showing up tonight. One way you can reach out with distance learning feedback is by just dropping us an email at distancelearning@sapsamn.org
Sarita Vinje
Thank you.
Connie Tse
thanks all! looking forward to the new school year
Mariah Reynolds
I have a question about materials. Is there any possibility or consideration of how to provide hard copy or printable options for some activities? I feel like we spend a lot of time on tech issues that are really difficult for kids to do, and not as much time on actually learning reading, math, etc.
Mariah Reynolds
Lauren Renner
from fourth grade perspective, no grade book option on schoology
Lauren Renner
something else we did was using dry erase board
Mariah Reynolds
another possible suggestion re grid view on ipads: last year, Mr. Crosby shared his screen with the class so that the class saw his grid view. That seemed to work well.