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APPD Virtual Cafe for Fellowship Program Directors - Shared screen with speaker view
Hayley Gans
Feel free to send messages to Hayley Gans privately so it is not so distracting
Pinkal Patel
Hi. I was wondering what other programs are doing with the "left over" vacation weeks that fellows have by the end of June of this year.
Amanda Brown
We have a strong sub specialist society, they have many adult rheumatology educational resources.
Amanda Brown
Deirdre O'Reilly
Our GME here at UVM told us that we cannot tack the weeks on, i.e. there is no carry-over to next AY. I encouraged my fellows to take that time as they can. Everyone is in the same boat with no true vacation.
Pinkal Patel
Thank you for sharing, Deirdre.
Allison Payne
I pulled my pregnant fellow off service and calls
Allison Payne
alicia diaz-thomas
I have placed our pregnant fellow out of direct patient care.
Tiffany Lucas
UCSF has guidelines for faculty that we are following
Tiffany Lucas
we also have fellows who family members they have to care for that have had to be pulled, but generally, we have cross coverage within themselves and we haven’t had to have my fellows pulled elsewhere in the hospital
Amanda Brown
I wrote a policy at the beginning and ask them to self identify. I would not have any high risk fellows working. Currently fellows are back up, but they can be called in anytime. We also pulled our attending.
John Lin
I have put our pregnant fellow and our fellows with other specific situations / circumstances out of plans for covering COVID patients even after we start pulling trainees to care for COVID patients. This was possible because we still needed to have fellows available to cover the non-COVID+ PICU patients.
Katie Nielsen
We try to put PUIs on the APP/Attending service in the PICU
Katie Nielsen
We increased telemedicine capabilities - all PUI rooms have a telemedicine setup
Nada Harik
We have also been using telemedicine for inpatient consults to preserve PPE
Katie Nielsen
For anxiety, we have emphasized the importance of training in PPE use to protect themselves. And we communicate regularly about how things are going to identify issues early
Danielle Taylor
Can someone share the zoom link for the virtual fellow café? I don't recall receiving it. Thank you
Debra Boyer
Here is the zoom link for the APPD/CoPS fellow’s cafe for tomorrow, Thursday, 4/8 at 3PM EST. You are invited to a Zoom meeting.When: Apr 9, 2020 03:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)Register in advance for this meeting:https://zoom.us/meeting/register/vpIpdu2hrT4sjio5zx5an-MHKMVXLj_4fQAfter registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.
Jacqueline Walker
I'm a PHM Fellowship Director at Children's Mercy Kansas City. Regarding anxiety, we have a weekly virtual meeting via Teams. We do updates and Q&A, then devote time to wellness (e.g., Three Good Things exercise). I also created a WhatsApp group for ongoing informal communication. Thanks for organizing the Fellows' Virtual Café!
Rob Ross
in Detroit we changed the rules on spending “book” money to allow them to purchase laptops or I pads to join Zoom meetings and telemedicine
Ashley Bjorklund
We have gathered info on who would be appropriate to credential. University of Minnesota
Andrea Orsey
Our fellows have asked if they will be paid as faculty if they work as attendings. It looks like this is not possible as role would be within fellowship but has anyone else navigated this?
Katie Nielsen
University of Washington has an "extra pay for extra work" policy. Any work above and beyond the usual work would fall into this policy
Jill de Jong
our GME has banned any fellow moonlighting during the crisis.
Andrea Orsey
is anyone allowing fellows to move vacation to next year?
Stacy Cooper
I'd be interested in hearing more about banning fellow moonlighting-- this is being considered at our institution as well
Katie Nielsen
At UW, we don't track their time but we do track their attendance at weekly didactics (that are all web-based now)
Ashley Bjorklund
PCCM UMN has “at home time” for their scholarly activity. They are guided to check in weekly with mentors on their projects. We split fellows into hockey lines to keep a group healthy. So the “off line” is on research
Debra Boyer
I also have a concern about my first year fellows who have to pick their mentors and research projects for next year. Some who don’t know what they will be doing are not sure how to do this now
Rob Ross
I’m having Fellows report weekly to me on their home and hospital activities including reading , board prep, research, and conference attendance
Rob Ross
Rob Ross, Detroit and Cardiology PD. Thinking ahead a bit, what do we do to make sure Fellows are qualified to move on to the next year or graduate ?
Laura Degnon
Thank you so much. Another great session