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Managing Covid-19 in the Workplace - Shared screen with speaker view
Peter Fitt
Hers a very simple Start Back list of considerations I have just penned...Starting Back planOverview:Don’t plan to be operational on day 1 (of whenever you get back).Now – develop this plan further for your own organisation and communicate the return to work plan and ask for input; remember they know how the organisation and their job operates, not you. Your job is to manage and lead.Use day 1 of returning (min) to run through a range of checks and return processes. You may normally have a Christmas shutdown, use the process you have for a return to operations post shutdown; this is no different. Also remember your shutdown may have been rushed and your not in your normal start-up position.People:We need to re-engage people, there is a heightened risk when returning, everyone will be in post-holiday mode, it will take a bit of time to ‘switch-on’ and when everyone is in that mode the risk of adverse events happening is heightened.People will want to talk, they need to use this to help normalis
Peter Fitt
People will want to talk, they need to use this to help normalise what has happened and to re-engage their normal communication cycles and relationships.Think about anyone you know that has been off on essential worker leave as their concerns / home or personal situation will still exist and they may have had a far different experience to the person who was still working; both have equal merit for a different approach.Building:Flush all taps, zip boilers, water fountains and toilets etc; get this done by facilities management or maintenance. There is a risk of Legionella and/or plumb solvency.Check Fire and Emergency equipment - doors, signage (use your Form 12) building WoF process to help; Use First Aiders and Fire Wardens to check for you.Machinery:As a minimum run through a refresher on the safety controls and Safe Working Procedures.Use those start-up procedures you had written last year.
John Heydon
MOH website has information about what to do for close contacts of confirmed or suspected COVID cases