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Local Businesses Coming Together - Shared screen with gallery view
Andrea Ma
How do I add my pic :)
Ruby Wang
pleae turn on your webcam and take part in the poll :)
Ruby Wang
Darren Dunne
Bonnie Todd
My question is in tourism sector
Andrew Kemp
Is there a BC resource for municipal governments to communicate to the Public. AMO in Ontario has a great resource, but I don't see a BC specific one
Darren Dunne
Darren Dunne
Information on the wage subsidy released by Federal Government this morning
Ruby Wang
please open your webcam if you are willing to show your face :)
Darren Dunne
The Province of BC are putting the finishing touches on their resources page and it will be published this week FYI
Alex Daraseng
Can folks drop these links into the chat box? Thanks.
Andrew Hutchison
BCEDA Resources - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OjtkSJ_VedTzPVJIRL2fDp8NyXA07RkXMB6St12eYdc/edit?fbclid=IwAR3OQK0lJ_WMSBsfgctd4k0WH7mj5sduYopYLBgPAcuZBbuueui7IRdsnvI#
Does anyone have an update on what "The new Emergency Care Benefit" critieria is to qualify? I know we cannot apply until April but thats about it...
Darren Dunne
https://smallbusinessbc.ca/article/join-small-business-bcs-digital-meetups/ - the link to Friday's recording can be found in this page
Darren Dunne
click on the Friday tab to find it
Darren Dunne
Some practical tips for managing and pivoting through this current crisis: https://smallbusinessbc.ca/article/covid-19-managing-and-pivoting-during-a-time-of-crisis/
Tourism, hospitality and events industry community: https://www.instagram.com/collaborateconnectcreate/
Darren Dunne
Darren Dunne
How to support small businesses at this time
Aleksa Havelaar
I am working in the same home office as my husband and don’t want to disturb him, so I will share my businesses experience via chat :) I own a micro coffee roasting business. Our facility is always closed to the public so we are able to continue operations for now. We are tripling down on sanitization, but we’re still concerned about touch points between us and our customers so we are considering shutting down completely for a few weeks at a minimum.
Sorry I am currently on my patio at home little bit loud! I own my business in Point Grey Village. I decided to close on the afternoon of March 16th after City announced many public places closing. I own Curves which is an independently owned women's fitness franchise. I have an On Demand Option that I am offering people at this time and will be posting workouts on my Facebook page. I have not got any support from our head office and they are taking all their fees as usual so a little disheartening. I have two part time employees and then myself. That is a little about my story
Susan Nielsen
I have invented and patented a portable foot and calf stretching device that is endorsed by doctors and therapists. It has just been placed in several fitness stores on a trial basis, but they are now all closed.I need to quickly learn how to get going on “Facebook for Business" to generate online sales, but have been having a lot of challenges. Can you possibly recommend an expert in that area for an hour or two of consultation to get me going in this arena? Thank you!
I'd be happy to share, I co-own a digital media agency. Our entire spring contracts disolved in one week.
Bonnie Todd
Just an update. I already have an account with BDC so I have been in touch with my account manager. I just sent him a message about getting the process started for a loan and I got an automated message saying due to high volume they might not respond to my message for up to 7 days. So if anyone is thinking of applying for a BDC loan it might take awhile
Christian Newman
Aleksa send me a link to your website I’d love to learn more about your coffee business!
https://www.instagram.com/collaborateconnectcreate/This c
Christian Newman
Heather that’s tough they’re still taking regular fees… Strongly recommend using platforms like Zoom to maintain engagement with your members through this challenging time with live workouts to provide that accountability and community that isn’t as strong with on demand options.
Aleksa Havelaar
Here’s a link to our website: https://whitegoatcoffee.com
Awesome Thanks for that info!
Christian Newman
You’re welcome and if you need help reach out!
Darren Dunne
Financing options available through BDC: https://www.bdc.ca/en/about/mediaroom/public_statements/pages/useful-advice-help-entrepreneurs-plan-respond-impacts-coronavirus.aspx
Danita Wong
The Zoom free plan lets you have up to 40 minutes multi-person meetings, but is somewhat limited. The Zoom Pro plan removes the 40 minute time limit and has a few more features. It's $20/month. We haven't used Zoom Pro in our business but helped our church set it up on the past couple of weeks.
kata polano
curious about support for someone who has just started a new business, so does not qualify for BDC. Also, not enough hours for regular ei from my other job.
Ruby Wang
feel free to type your questions here and we will facilitate
Ruby Wang
or raise your hand to speak please
Bonnie Todd
This has been great, I will be at more. Gotta run.
Christian Newman
Aleksa checked out your website. So cool to see you have merchandise on there but I don’t get much of a “coffee” feel. Would love to see some product shots, coffee recipes and pairings (maybe in a blog), and definitely subscription options. You could also offer to upsell any order during this challenging time “would you like to add a pound for local health care workers (insert name of local facility you’ll donate to) for $10?” Just a few ideas…
Paul Legge
Hi Kata...I would go to your local credit union. Some of the credit union's allow for business Line of Credits based solely on your personal credit score
Jean Rudyk
Kata, have you touched base with Women's Enterprise Centre:
Aleksa Havelaar
Thanks, Christian!
Christian Newman
Aleksa one more idea…. A video on your roasting process and what makes it different/awesome would also be great
Aleksa Havelaar
Thanks, we had plans to work with a local videographer this spring, but that plan is on hold now …
kata polano
I'm in Revelstoke
Christian Newman
Aleksa understandable! Find a way to tell it with text for now then. Recording video is the easy part.. figuring out your story and how to tell it is the hard part.
Danita Wong
Women's Enterprise Center has a free webinar on Wednesday about financing (everyone welcome): https://www.womensenterprise.ca/event/know-your-numbers-key-indicators-to-monitor-your-financial-position-webinar/
Danita Wong
(I mean financials)
Jason Hart
I wish all the small business support wasn't just focused putting our employees onto EI and borrowing more money. Wage subsidies would be so much better to keep the businesses going that can, keep people busy and give people some hope on that things will still be there in the future. The loans options just seem like I would be taking on even more risk in a very risk time.
Jean Rudyk
Thank you :)