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Crossing the Finish Line Together : Peer-to-Peer Accountability in Virtual Teams - Shared screen with speaker view
Stephanie Mehta
Thanks so much to all of you for joining.
As a reminder, some of the tools Keith references may be found on virtualteamswin.com
Replays of the two previous panels may be found here:

How Your Remote Team Can Outperform a Traditional One: https://zoom.us/rec/play/vZYtIbv5_G43H4eVsQSDU_57W460L6ys1yIaqaBZyU6zB3QLZ1SmbrIaazXlWP9u3GcZiwAisLtW5Xo?startTime=1585853094000&_x_zm_rtaid=CuQnxWqaRsKRpDfl6L-Cfw.1586354372857.72d535f9e49e145d1a6ee59c2d98557f&_x_zm_rhtaid=723

Breaking the Fourth Wall: Candid Communication and Collaboration in Virtual Teams. https://zoom.us/rec/play/6ZJ5JuGh_Wk3Sd2S5gSDB6IoW9S4eKOshCgd-vUPmUmzUngHOlGlZLRAYObDNzmNf38Y0Z0Q2DLboEM?startTime=1586458813000&_x_zm_rtaid=Q8BEjQQoToCMQ8BQxx65XA.1586888458089.2e6b818a4a7e5926c9b136a7bdfb3ab4&_x_zm_rhtaid=618
Stephanie Mehta
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Sharon McKarns
Wow. Very powerful, useful information. Thank you Keith and Stephanie for this wonderful series!