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COVID-19: Federal Response w/ Congresswoman Donna Shalala - Shared screen with speaker view
frank janeczek
No one that I have heard in the community has even come close to your leadership and command of this crisis situation. I am so glad you are working for this community. This is also why I have two important questions to ask of you. we head about the shortage of vents, but what can we do locally and nationally about the shortage of ECMO machines for those too sick for vents or just need more lung support. (I have a classmate who is an MD from High School who is awaiting space on a ECMO machine at Jackson one of the few places equipped with ECMO) April 1st is almost upon us, I own a couple of small apartment buildings, 80% of the tenants just got laidoff. This is effecting me and of course them. As AOC and others in the progressive caucus have pointed out, what is the plan to deal with this working class deadline? What about
Paul Thomas
Orlando...should I also type my questions here...?
Aaron Bos-Lun
While the immediate concern has to be on preventing the spread of the virus, there is already starting to be talk about blaming “dirty” groups (e.g. immigrants, LGBT people etc) and even people in cities like Miami more generally. From a public health perspective, what is the plan or what we can be done to make sure that the backlash against marginalized groups or that blaming does not lead to violence or further marginalization at a time we need to work as one country to solve this?
Justin Klecha
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James Moon
Why does Congress think a one time payment of $1,200, or less based on the scale, think a one time payment of $1,200 will help in an extended lockdown an economic recession or depression? Other countries are paying much more than that over a term of at least 2 months (see Canada/Denmark for example). Does Congress have a plan to extend these payments to folks to pay their bills over a longer period of time? A one time payment is not going to do much, and $1,200 in South Florida will not go far at all.