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BCSPL - University Recruiting Webinar (men's program) - Shared screen with speaker view
Mike Mosher
We will attend VMSL U21 or VMSL games to look at players.
Graham Kennedy
I’ll answer a couple of the questions I’ve seen here in the chat.
Graham Kennedy
We look at boys aged 16-20 typically. It is common for us to consider a player who has been out of high school for a year or two. Often the gap year allows a young man to develop further and to be more ready to play at the U SPORTS level. Top-10 programs in U SPORTS are often (not always) a bit older than some of the other teams outside of the top-10. This does not mean that a good 18 year old does not compete well - it all depends on the individual player.
Graham Kennedy
U SPORTS has a draft into the Canadian Premier League and players can sign a CPL contract and still play U SPORTS if they are on the appropriate contract. These are typically the very best players in all of U SPORTS.
Graham Kennedy
Thanks John!
Berend Platje
how much is a full ride?
Graham Kennedy
Most train 6 days per week in the fall semester and 4-5 days per week in the winter semester. Typically 20-25 hours per week (practice, meetings, travel, matches, etc) . Winter semester is approximately 12 hours per week at StFX and I would estimate this is typical in schools we offer year-round programs.
Graham Kennedy
Typical day: rise and shine, two morning lifts per week (in season), go to classes, may have a unit practice or individual session (Tues or Wed) during the day, team practice after classes (90-120 mins). Scouting/game prep meeting the night before a match. One day off per week. 1-2 games per week. Bus travel is 2.5-5 hours (one way) per away game for us.
Graham Kennedy
Two mandatory study halls per week as well.
Graham Kennedy
Ryan, I think this question was answered earlier in the chat - scroll up.
Graham Kennedy
Jay and Happers are great guys and excellent coaches.
John O'Flynn
An excellent presentation in bridging the country with thoughtful commentary out of Nova Scotia and British Columbia! Much thanks to BCSPL for hosting.
Graham Kennedy
Thanks to all players, parents, coaches and others who took time to listen tonight. Much appreciated.