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AAEH Rough Sleeping Responses to COVID-19 Forum - Shared screen with speaker view
Julia P Sydney Australia
I am unable to stay for the whole meeting, will you be releasing the recording for those in my situation? Julia Phillips inner West Council.
David Pearson (Host)
FYI - the video of this forum will be available and sent to you a link later this afternoon.
Julia P Sydney Australia
Thank you !
David Pearson (Host)
Future panelists are looking at your questions, so keep them comming in.
Majella Nicolo
From Andrew: hi, both services should be able to assist your clients. All Entry Points have additional funds. If you call 1800 825 955you will be connected to the local provider. If you are in Dandenong, WAYSS is the provider.
John Berger, WAAEH (WA)
Hi Chris the police along with council rangers are part of the Outreach process along with outreach staff and health staff in WA. however Police do not have access to the BNL.
Jed Donoghue, Salvation Army (Tas)
Mike I feel the request is a sensible response by the state government to the current health crisis.
Paul Flatau
Hi Luke: Will send through the details from the panellists of numbers of rough sleepers temporarily housed in motels/hotels to date Thanks Paul
John Berger, WAAEH (WA)
definitely Al