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Governor's Overdose Prevention and Intervention Task Force Meeting
Karen Jeffreys
Great Op-Ed in the ProJo Monday Director Power. Thanks for the plug for Telehealth!
Alexandra Leslie
Hi all-- Alexandra Leslie with WPRI 12 here. Would I be able to get a recording of this call at the conclusion of the meeting?
Hi Nicole, the recording will be available.
Joshua Miller
what Karen said!
Alexandra Leslie
Great, thank you!
Karen Jeffreys
And thank you Senator Miller for your bill to continue the Telehealth happening.
Karen Jeffreys
Too bad, I think the message was really critical and the campaign was very thoughtful.
Dennis Bailer
Thank you Dr. Alexander-Scott for showing your support for our document..
Karen Jeffreys
Since our SOR funding had been reduced due to our overdose numbers going down will this now mean we will receive those funds back again for the great frontline work folks have been doing?
Corinna Roy
We are advocating for this, but there is no guarantee
Karen Jeffreys
Thanks Corinna, I hope that SAMSHA can see we need the money to keep doing the good work that led to overdoses going down.
Karen Jeffreys
Hi Rachel, our Statewide Homeless Street Outreach Committee is meeting virtually next Monday the 13th from 4:30 to 6:00. Would you like to come present? If not next week, we meet monthly if you would like to come to a future meeting.
Gordon Smith
If it makes you feel any better, Maine's experience over the first six months of 2020 is very similar. Our attorney general will be releasing our numbers next week. Many of you likely saw the Washington Post article last week noting the national experience which is similar. I believe our state responses should be widely shared with one another and I know that in New England at least Tom C. is organizing a call on this very issue. The numbers are alarming and tragic.
Marie Ganim
Good morning, All. please note that this excellent presentation on Telemedicine seems focused solely on Medicaid. OHIC and Medicaid are working collaboratively with BHDDH to align policies for commercial insurers and Medicaid. Thank you.
Tom Coderre
Thanks for mentioning that Gordon. Yes, some states in our region are experiencing similar increases, some pre-COVID, some post-COVID. We are interested in immediate program and policy ideas that can be implemented quickly to prevent additional tragic overdoses. If you have any suggestions, please let me know: tom.coderre@samhsa.hhs.gov.
Does anyone know how many children we are send out of state for Substance Use and or mental health issues.
sorry sending out of state
Dennis Bailer
I love the work that the Family Task is doing!! Great job Trisha!
Trisha Suggs
Thanks Dennis! I love being a part of your Task Force as well!
Karen Jeffreys
Can we get a copy of all these PowerPoints?
Yes, they will be posted on the PreventOverdoseRI.org website
Karen Jeffreys
Thank you!
Susan Jacobsen
Can the bill #s be added to Chat please?
The PowerPoint will be available on the PreventOverdoseRI.org website after the meeting for reference.
Sarah Fleury
I was wondering if anyone has any data available about the utilization of the buprenorphine hotline?
Molly McCloskey
• Senate Bill No. 2069 - increases access to medication assisted treatment for individuals with substance use disorders (SUD)• Senate Bill No. 2123 - expands drug awareness programs to high schools• Senate Bill No. 2128A - creates a harm reduction center advisory committee and pilot program• Senate Bill No. 2229 - requires presumptive coverage for inpatient treatment of SUD during the health insurance review process• Senate Bill No. 2239 - requires EOHHS to study the impact of using Medicaid funds to provide coverage for the treatment for homelessness• Senate Bill No. 2524 - prohibits health insurance annual and lifetime limits in state law• Senate Bill No. 2277 - excludes the possession of buprenorphine from those controlled substances that can result in criminal penalties
Dale DeCelles LMT
FYI, AMTA RI (American Massage Therapy Association RI Chapter) is helping to present a House Bill #7844 which will raise public education and awareness about non-opioid pharmacological alternatives, as well as the many benefits to managing pain with complimentary and rehabilitative therapies. We have two sponsors: Representative Edwards from the House, who also sits on the Governor's Opioid Advisory Committee and Senator Valverde from the Senate
Karen Jeffreys
Thank you Senator Miller for being the champion of these issues!
Dale DeCelles LMT
Many Licensed Massage Therapists, as well as other non-opioid pain therapist are on board but not sure how to collaborate. Suggestions?
Karen Jeffreys
Linda Marzelli, We should partner with the Johnson & Wales’ counseling program which always has very diverse students!
Sarah Edwards
Thank you for mentioning that Dennis!!
Jonathan Goyer
Thank you again to the 3 companies who have become designated Recovery Friendly Workplaces. Any company, organization or employer can become one by visiting www.RecoveryFriendlyRI.com
Dennis Bailer
thank you everyone! Let keep this momentum going!!
Elizabeth Samuels
Thank you!!