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DFL Senior Caucus Q&A - Shared screen with speaker view
Jim Redfield
Hi, if we have time I would like to hear how redistricting will work here in MN.
Robynne Limoges
In my view, you are one of only a handful of politicians who can bring focus to political healing and to saving working Americans.
Clara Severson
Hi everyone! My name is Clara, Dean's Political Director for his re-election campaign. If you have some additional thoughts about anything we talk about today, feel free to email that to me and I'll make sure that gets to the right folks. My email is clara@phillipsforcongress.org.
Clara Severson
We would also love for you to type questions and thoughts into the chat right here.
Jim Redfield
From Jim Redfield, during the COVID we recognize the importance of quality internet services. I think that is very important.
Timothy Bonham
Dean -- pass on to your Aunt(?) Dear Abby that she's still giving out good advice after so many year, just like her mother!
Phyllis Kahn
Not sure if this is a senior issue, but I am interested in bird protection. Bird safe glass and lights out or properly directed in migration season
Jim Redfield
If the cap was moved up to say, 1.5 million what would that do for finances? Jim R
Could tell us the status of student loan forgiveness. We have 2 adult daughters who are still paying student loans. I is a burden for us because we need to help them financially.
Tim Burkhardt ~ Hinckley
Congressman: By your Soc Sec message - are you in favor and is there a piece of legislation that will remove the cap on Soc Sec ?
Jim Redfield
Hi, is it possible that the decision on redistricting will be pushed into 2024?
Robynne Limoges
Could you give us your view of re-writing the egregiously skewed 2017 Republican written federal tax code? We keep talking about our debt, but increasing taxation in multiple levels above $1,000,000 and eliminating the unfair taxation differences between income/earned wages and wealth/investment/multi-national corporations. Even the group Millionaires for Democracy are strongly in favour of a major re-write. Thank you.
Timothy Bonham
Volunteer drivers also get hit by their auto insurance companies -- they claim that providing volunteer transportation requires them to have a commercial insurance coverage!
Robynne Limoges
Yes. I cannot get a bus from Mpls airport to SW Minnesota!
Robynne Limoges
Yay! Katie Porter!
Mel Aanerud
but isn't the trust fund being borrowed from to pay debt
Richard Carlbom
Noted and we will follow up
Timothy Bonham
The SS Trust Fund has to invest it's money somewhere for years, until people retire. They invest most of it in US Bonds, which is government debt.
Richard Carlbom
Hey Joe!
Tim Burkhardt ~ Hinckley
Joe... thanks for pulling this call together (and others) so we can stay in touch with our Congressional delegation - I have to leave for another meeting but wanted to offer my thanks before I leave! :-)
Jim Reed
I didn't write the question attributed to me. Who did that?
Richard Carlbom
We will follow up on this question.