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QCC All College Forum - Shared screen with speaker view
Trish Kehoe
When all the classes get out at the same time... what about the hallways? The restrooms?
Jenna Glazer
How will things like masks and social distancing be enforced? It is difficult to enforce things like our campus smoking ban. How will this be handled?
Adrienne Linnell
stairwells and elevators?
Doe West
will faculty still be offered the vaccine on campus and if so, do we know which one?
Adrienne Linnell
will there be testing on campus?
Meghan Martin
Has there been any consideration in co-horting students so they have limited mobility between rooms?
Laura Tino
if a student registers in april, is there a possibility that the mode of that student's classes would change? or that more students might be allowed in that class? if so, would the students be notified so they can change their classes if they wish?
Kathy Frederickson
Is there follow up on the survey we took for vaccines?
Anne Shull (she/her)
About the blended modality: if we never offered a course in that format before, will we have to go through the normal approval process?
Kathleen Gemma
Will there be COVID testing available spring break week for students coming to campus on 3/22
Maryann Kania
Any talk about a state requirement of covid vaccines for all faculty and students of state colleges/universities?
Chief Kevin Ritacco
COVID Testing will be available on Saturday the 20th for the students starting 3-22.
Kathleen Gemma
And if they cannot make it that day is my concern
Pat Schmohl (he,him,his)
Maryann, we are hearing that our clinical sites will be requiring COVID vaccination this fall (they require seasonal flu vaccine now).
Gina DeCarolis
I think it is important to mention again how important the children’s school is to staff who hope to return to campus SOMEDAY.
Pat Schmohl (he,him,his)
Many of our clinical students have received COVID vaccination already because they are out right now treating non-COVID patients.
Karen O'Neill
Yes, Early Education and Care programs opened last June in the state. The dental clinic opened in the fall. Hopeful that we have "learned from experienced"however, I am also concerned that ECE Faculty is not being heard. Report sent 3 weeks ago has gone unanswered
Karen O'Neill
With all due respect, I believe this is misinformation
Karen O'Neill
Would like the opportunity for dialogue the way the Dental Clinic has had.
Laura Tino
thank you
Maureen Giacobbe (she/her/hers)
Thank you!