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Evolving from "Nice to have vs. Got to Have" - Shared screen with speaker view
Dawn Marti
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Dawn Marti
If you raise your hand you can be heard when I unmute you. If you would like to be seen I can elevate you to a panelist, which is fine too.
Andrew Vidor
Looking forward to Cooking with Carmen next Thursday. Register here: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJYocOivrzstGNfJJeSLIQoYGyOZ6po567xq
Andrew Vidor
Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Tammy and Brian. I’m impatiently waiting for my #SWPTAswagbox and the Parker Technology goodies.
Carmen Donnell
I have received my 'gear' for the Cookin' with 'me' next week from Parker... if it's any indication of what will be in the box, we are all in for a treat!!!!
Donna King
I received my #SWPTAswagbox yesterday. The goodies are definitely worth the wait. I am loving all my parking swag that comes in the boxes, but this box is the best yet. Parker Technology did a great job.
Andrew Cushman
Great job Brian and Tammy!! Thank you