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January Speakers Forum - Shared screen with speaker view
Coyote Brown
Judge, How did you handle the constant exposure to the grievances and hours presented before you
Coyote Brown
Horrors not hours
Timothy Bentley
Local judges. We`re asked to vote on them but how do we make these decisions when we may well know vert little a out them
Bruce Weber
Do you think that the Daubert requirements that has required the use scientific methods in federal courts in order to admit evidence has been useful?
Timothy Bentley
I think that what we might know about the law is from TV. I got the impression from say the Good Wife that judges were pressured to handle a lot of cases very quickly and a defense counsel could be told off by a judge for slowing down the process. Could this be true?
Bruce Weber
Reiner Fuellmich, an attorney doing business in both Germany and California has been discussing the use of a Class action case to sue those that have been responsible for fraudulent PCR tests for Covid, forces mask wearing and lockdowns. Do you thing that Class acton suits such as this would have an honest trial? It could result in all those who the government et al. forced out of business be compensated for their losses.
Claire Iveson
To Charlie, Mahalo nui loa for this terrific presentation. To OC Mensa crowd, thanks for including others in this. Aloha from Molokai and my apologies that I must sign off in a few minutes.
Amy Sansing
How would one defend themself against a corrupt system, without legal help? The lawyers themselves know the system is corrupt and actively discourage fighting against it. My daughter and I have been HOMELESS for two weeks! I am not a "homeless person." i cant give up! I feel like I'm losing my mind with how ridiculously unlawful all of this is. Rent was paid by the way.
Timothy Bentley
Can you comment on cash bail if that`s the right term where people might feel coerced into plea bargaining?
Amy Sansing
I've never done this zoom thing before so if anyone is even seeing this, I apologize for not knowing what I'm doing.
Amy Sansing
oops. (sigh) I just want to know how we would email this Judge, since he offered. (and now I'll stop pressing buttons and just hope for the best).
Amy Sansing
I hope to be able to communicate more with you. unfortunately I have to sign off here. Thank you for all the info!
Sara Maurer
Thank you from Alaska, as well!
Katie Do Guthrie
Thank you for organizing!
Gary Hedge
Thank you.
Coyote Brown
Thank you Judge Charles Schudson!
Terry Hunter
Terry Hunter
I got back to my computer about 5 minutes too late to ask my question. I was interested to know his "take" on the probation sentence of Clinesmith for his fraud on the FISA court.