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AMSPDC Research Committee Webinar Series - January 2022 - Shared screen with speaker view
Prasanna Ramachandran
If applying as a first year fellow and awarded the grant to start as a third year fellow, can they be instructor for years 2 and 3 of the program? Or do they have to be fellow for year 2 of the program?
Nick Puoplo
For future NICU fellows, the timeline is still to apply at the end of the first year right? Not while a resident? Sorry if you mentioned this!
Sallie Permar
If you are a 1st year fellow applying for PSDP, you just are required to have 2 years of research set aside (90-100% research time) starting 15 months after you apply. We do not designate if you are a fellow or an instructor during that time, so that is worked out with your department. However, if you are promoted to an assistant professor, we consider you “graduated” from the program (though in the new funding model, your funding can continue in PSDP year 3 even after you are promoted!).
Anna Janas
You mentioned that the grant can be taken to another institution after final (year 3) of fellowship ? Just wanted to verify that there is that flexibility. Also does the award impact eligibility for other K awards down the line? Or eligibiltiy for departamental k12 award ?
Sallie Permar
Yes NICU fellows should apply during your 1st year of fellowship, as to pursue the PSDP, you need to have 2 years of at least 90% protected time available 15 mo after you apply
Sallie Permar
@Anna - in the new funding model that we have proposed in the NIH grant renewal that is currently pending, we changed the model to fund year 2 and 3 of the PSDP instead of year 1 and 2. Year 3 is typically the transition to faculty year, and if the new model is funded as we hope, it would allow for the funding to move with the PSDP scholar if they get a job at another institution.
Janet Lam
@Anna--PSDP is a grant targeted for fellows and should not count towards years of a faculty career development grantHow each NIH institute looks at institutional K award time when awarding an individual K is different, but in general, there has been less concern about the PSDP K12 counting as K award years. With the PSDP being a grant that is targeted for fellows, it should not count towards years of a faculty career development grant.We encourage our PSDP scholars to reach out to the PO/GMS to discuss their years on K12 and confirm with them, once they know the institute and its contacts for the k award submission.The PSDP should not impact institutional K12 funding either (those are funded by NICHD, so it does not count PSDP), but the institutional K12 time may be counted to independent K time.
Max Coppes
Norm can you give an example from a mentor/mentee relationship that failed. What did you, what did the mentee learn from that experience?
Nina Prasanphanich
Do you have any suggestions for navigating the conflicts of interests you mentioned, for example, a fundamental difference in expectations of productivity between a mentor and mentee, and have you ever utilized a mentorship agreement or other tools to navigate this type of conflict?
Tolu Rosanwo
I’m currently in an integrated research pathway in my residency program where I have two-6 month blocks of ‘protected’ research time during my 3-year residency program. I worry about starting a project, getting productive, and then have to return back to clinical duties just when things are getting exciting! Given this is a big possibility with truncated research time, what goals would you personally have for a shorter (1 year) research experience (that hopefully will be more sustained during fellowship and beyond)?