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ExO Alumni Webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
Caitlin Stufflebeme
The meeting is being recorded :)
Paul Epping
for those who are not connected yet on LinkedIn, please let’s connect: www.linkedin.com/in/paulepping
Curtis Michelson
QUESTION: what about the coaches, how did they push you in a good way? And 2nd question, do you feel like you internalized the coaching talent for you to do your own sprints in the future?
suman sasmal
Question for Andrea - How did you isolate your 2 roles? That of a participant and that of a member of Decision Making Board…
Laszlo Szakal
Qs: what was Boston Scientific top management expectation before the Sprint started? and how much were they met? Any surprise for the CXOs as a result of the Sprint?
Peter Kristof
Was nice to hear these stories - thanks for sharing. I'll watch the recording, but have to leave now. Go ExO! 💪
Orlando Reis
These kind of experiences estimulates me to continue in this journey! Thanks a lot for the tips!
Jerry Michalski
It’s really nice to have this follow-up call, especially to hear personal stories from the journey.
Curtis Michelson
QUESTION: for miguel and andrea, can you share the MTP you landed on for your Edge initiative, and describe the process of arriving at that MTP?
suman sasmal
Team Boston Scientific - It’s awesome to hear you guys speak…. You have truly embraced the spirit of ExO! I am sure this is only the beginning!
Felipe Pacheco
Thank you very much for everything for your time and share experiences. Clearly science is a wonder when it is exponential especially to help the recilience of projects.
Sanjay Bhana
in choosing the initiatives to execute.. are you continuing with existing process in BS to incubate and develop the ideas further?
Sanjay Bhana
How did you choose which staff participated in the sprint? and then also which did core and which did edge?
Soul Patel
Pre-sprint it can be tricky to articulate the benefits to a potential company considering a sprint - which benefits would you emphasise to convey the power of the sprint? thank you!
Soul Patel
PRILL - Building Superhumans
Paul Epping
If you change the way you look at things, the things look at change…. :-)
Paul Epping
Have to leave guys! Was a good meeting!
Sanjay Bhana
Do you have a plan to now have participants run further sprints in BS?
Jabeen Quadir
Awesome call. Thanks everyone!
Curtis Michelson
thank you!!!!
Orlando Reis
Very good meeting! Thanks a lot!