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Social Impact Webinar Logistics Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Sonia Marreiros
Hello I'm Sonia! I took a social innovation class at Mount Royal!
Tyson Bilton
Good morning everyone! Tyson joining from Calgary. I’m interning with the Social Innovation Academy and Innovate Calgary this summer
Social Innovation Institute
Hi, I'm Heather Braid. I work at the Social Innovation Institute at MacEwan University. I'm looking forward to meeting others in the province interested in similar topics!
Leah Sarich
I’m doing Communications for Thin Air Labs, and relatively new to the job so hoping to learn more about Innovate Calgary and the world they do in the innovation community in Calgary. Good morning!
Tanya Yeomans
I'm a geospatial/data analyst that is interested in developing tools and insights for the public good.
Good morning, my name is Jacqueline, I did my thesis research on corporate social responsibility, and I am currently working on a water reuse project at the University of Alberta that might benefit from a social innovation approach
Marwa Hannouf
My name is Marwa Hannouf, I am a postdoctoral associate at SAPL, uofc and I am working on social life cycle assessment tool with my research group and wondering to see if there is a possibility for connection and collaboration with Innovate Calgary or other parts on the topic
Dr. Kar's Clinic
I am Shabnam Das Kar, a physician by background. Co-founder of an online health and wellness company www.mdsprogram.com.
Alexander Cornelis Van Olm
Hello my name is Alex, I am a graduate student in Sociology and my work focuses on medical legal partnerships. Excited to learn more!
Hi, I’m Nancy Marlett, I have been involved with innovation my entire career. The patient and community engagement research program is my most current focus. I am excited about a block week course about social innovation in health that is informed by patients and communities.
Andrea Oh
Hello. I am in the process of bringing an online platform to market, MOVE Improve, with the goal of solving the global inactivity problem. Looking to expand my network in the social innovation community and understanding how we might be able to create greater impact in our pursuits to better the world.
Ken Porter
Ken here, University of Maryland, and former Innovate Calgary colleague.
Hi, I'm Mayya. Im a part of Connect Local and Global Inc., working towards integrating social entrepreneurship component into our work.
John Ntirenganya Hussein
Hi, I am John Hussein, I am recent graduate from the University go Alberta school of business with a specialization finance and economics. I have a have a great interest in technology and finance and am here to learn more about social innovation and Innovate Calgary.
Aatif Baskanderi
Hi, I'm Aatif, Executive Director of Startup Edmonton, co-founder of a social enterprise, Salaam B'y, and Fellow with the Energy Futures Lab. Pretty active on UN SDGs and other community initiatives as well.
Sarah Dewell
Hello. I’m Sarah. I’m a postdoc interested in genomic education for nurses and precision health.
Brittany Harker Martin
Had some wifi issues but happy to join! Hooray!
Andrea Wall
Welcome to our session today! Wonderful to see so many new and familiar faces :) Thanks for making time.Please keep introducing yourself and feel free to add any comments in the chat throughout the presentation and we'll monitor this and address them throughout.
Crystal Corrigan-Alberta Blue Cross
Good morning everyone, I am Crystal Corrigan, Wellness Partnership and Innovation Specialist- focusing on system transformation partnerships, capacity development and addressing SDOH
Heather N
Hi everyone! I work in Canadian water reuse research at the University of Alberta
Zulfira Pulotova
Hi all, I am Zulfira, CEO of Connect Local & Global Inc. an advocate of social innovation, measuring social impact, and developing entrepreneurship among groups who have less access to starting or running business.
Morning, I'm Ryan. Project manager with the BME program. Looking at developing programs to help transition graduates outside academia. I live by a simple philosophy which is never to miss an opportunity to listen to Jordana talk about social innovation.
Jamie Day
ditto to Ryan, re listening to Jordana. This scale deep, scale up, scale out idea is new to me
Andrea Wall
Thanks for sharing! Curious how you might see these different types of scale applying to your work with the O'Brien Institute, Jamie? Did this concept resonate for others?
Scale up and deep are in themselves innovation. It is not enough to sell an idea
Brittany Harker Martin
Good Morning All - I’m Brittany Harker Martin (Dr. Britt) and am in the process of rolling out my program that uses art-based techniques to build mental health capacity.
Margaret Watty
Good Morning, my name is Margaret Watty a family physician in Calgary and co founder of HealthQ a mobile app for both patients and family docs to help in improving prevention and early detection of disease as well as educating the user. HealthQ is uniquely Canadian and bilingual, but we are still in an early stage in development. HealthQ is free to download on your smart phones
What might be interesting to consider is that giving is now going to non traditional services or causes that isn't captured by metrics. I think my generation or at least for me are more interested in seeing the effect and less interested in seeing the tax savings opportunity.
Jordana Armstrong
Excellent point, Ryan. Thanks for sharing.
Kanwal’s iPhone
Hello, Kanwal here from the Haskayne School of Business. I am a doctoral student and sessional instructor interested in social innovation
PaCER as a social enterprise tried to provide training and research services. This is difficult without an infrastructure.
I am interested in train the trainer as a model if anyone has experience in this
Brittany Harker Martin
At Brain Smoothies (also known as Art Works) we are just commercializing, but our target business model is a blend of Train the Trainer and Cross-Subsidy so we can provide mental health service providers and human resource with cutting edge knowledge on leading healthy mental habits, while also infusing them into the school system.
Ken Porter
Love the business examples slide, Andrea!
Tyson Bilton
Yes! Really cool to see the number of models that are able to provide social/environmental impact
Dr. Kar's Clinic
I am not a part of the University. How do we get our online program clinically validated ? We would like to finally have our company as a social enterprise, but we are not there yet
Andrea Wall
Hi Dr. Kar's Clinic team - would you be able to send us a note here? https://innovatecalgary.com/forms/schedule-a-meeting/Happy to chat further and see if there are some researchers on campus who might be interested in supporting!
Dr. Kar's Clinic
Thank you Andrea!
Jamie Day
response to Andrea's previous Q to me: The 'scale out" on JOrdana's slide (to a broader audience) is what I think of when I hear 'scale up', and that concept is becoming familiar to researchers. I think many of the O'Brien (and UofC in general!) researchers do scale deep and scale up (to policy makers) as well, but don't think of that as 'social innovation'. The power of that figure, to me, is to remind researchers that they're part of the social innovation environment,, whether they see themselves as entrepreneurs or not
Andrea Wall
Ryan - just catching up -> Completely agree that our generation is less interested in the tax receipt and more interested in the impact. Curious about the non traditional giving you're referencing?
Jordana Armstrong
Thanks for sharing Jamie! Here's the link to the publication: https://mcconnellfoundation.ca/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/ScalingOut_Nov27A_AV_BrandedBleed.pdf
Andrea Oh
We have had the pleasure of connecting with students through these programs. They have been incredibly insightful experiences that have helped us move forward in ways we were not expecting. Great programs!!
Marwa Hannouf
Our research group at uofc (school of architecture, planning and landscape) is working on social life cycle assessment tool which is a systems tool to assess social impacts of different systems, is there a possibility to connect with you about possible cooperation?
Jordana Armstrong
Hi Marwa - of course! Please reach out: https://innovatecalgary.com/forms/schedule-a-meeting/
With the three of your's experience with social enterprises, what's the one common process you see social enterprises struggle with that you think would provide the biggest value boost if they nailed it?
Jordana Armstrong
Alternatively, you can reach me at jarmstrong@innovatecalgary.com
Marwa Hannouf
Thanks Jordana! Will be in contact with you
Tyson Bilton
They are also recruiting fellows starting mid-August, applications ending September 11th. Applications to open soon https://www.socialinnovationacademy.ca/fellowship
Jordana Armstrong
@Ryan customer validation! Fall in love with the problem (or solving it) but not your solution specifically. Often we fail to listen to the feedback and effectively pivot. In some way relates to the idea of the shadow of innovation.
Andrea Wall
Ryan - echo Jordana. Customer validation and finding the right business model to support the vision. Funding is also often a gap for the early-stage social ventures.
Andrea Wall
Those of you who are social entrepreneurs - curious on your thoughts on this around process gaps in your experience of starting your ventures?
Andrea Wall
Great discussion - so looking forward to seeing many of you at our next webinar hosted by our SIA students Tyson Bilton & Logan Aitken.Have to hop off now, but please feel very welcome to connect with our team following this session:https://innovatecalgary.com/forms/schedule-a-meeting/
Brittany Harker Martin
Good question, Ryan. At Brain Smoothies, our approach is disruptive to the traditional sector of mental health services, because we use art-based knowledge in conjunction with psychology and neuroscience - the challenge is that most committees for money related to mental health are packed with psychologists who hold their frames of reference dear. In every case where we have not secured funding, the feedback is entrenched in the field of psychology. I would love suggestions on how to find funding that is open to disruption and new ideas.
Mojdeh Kamali
Hello I am also part of an initiative organized by a number of our students from the School of Architecture, Planning, and Landscape. Advocates for Equity in Design Education (AEDE) which is dedicated to advancing critical pedagogies in design, and recovering dialogues that are minimized in current design practices. Can we reach out and have a meeting with you? www.aede.ca
Andrea Oh
Although the passion for the problem is key … and emotions truly drive the business opportunity forward … the ability to balance the passion with the objectivity to make the right decisions as you move the needle forward toward the big picture. Remaining objective through the process (especially as a small team or solo) is challenging.
Kanwal’s iPhone
Thanks all!
from small and even medium companies i've been involved with most have been pretty bad in knowledge management.
Leah Sarich
Thanks Jordana, Andrea and Himani for all the insight I’ve gained on Innovate Calgary and social innovation. It makes me think there is a lot of crossover with our focus on regeneration… where we prioritize fiscal goals as much as social and environmental ones. Thanks again!! Have to pop off.
Brittany Harker Martin
Great job Innovate Calgary team!!! You rock. See you at the next one. Thank you.
Mojdeh Kamali
Great session! It is wonderful to feel a community emerging
Brittany Harker Martin
Yes! Great point Andrea!
Andrea, not only long and hard but also changing Nancy
Marwa Hannouf