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NCAA Athlete Rights Are Up For Grabs. What Will It Take to Get in the Game? - Shared screen with speaker view
Brian Goldstein
More lawyers brings up a good point. Will the athletes hire their own lawyers? Will university or NCAA lawyers review deals on their behalf but also with the administration in mind too?
Brian Goldstein
Clarification, would / should an athlete trust the lawyer provided by the university to do the best deal for him or her and not keep the university as top of mind (conflicts of interest)!
Omari Pearson
Appreciate you having this conversation.
peg connor
Thank you, Ryan, for emphasizing education. I was wondering if the ethos/essence of collegiate sports is going to be negatively impacted by the ongoing professionalization of sports & players. I guess we’ll see.
Dick Joseph
Thank you all! Very insightful and informative!
Billy Sprout