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570 KVI Salutes Kirby WIlbur - Shared screen with speaker view
MGEN Raymond W. Coffey,USAVR
Kirby: On Behalf of ALL the U. S. Military, Active, Guard and Volunteers, and Veterans, Thank You for the years of support to and for us. you have been our Clear and Professional Voice. Good Speed. MGEN Ray Coffey, USAVR
Cory Rueb
Well said General Coffey, Kirby contributed much from Toy For Tots, a trip the YTC, Auburn Veterans Day Parades, and the Fredom Concerts, after September 11th 2001.
Jason Wise
Kirby, Thank You from the National Review Institute!
Jeffrey Dalziel
Kirby- We will miss you and wish you well in the next phase of your life. You've done so much for KVI Country. God Bless and best wishes!
Mary and Doug Buffett
Congratulations and good luck Trina and Kirby!
Ron Pearson
Thank you Kirby. Even been on your program.
Philip Lane
Did the result of the Presidential election spur on your move to Texas ?
Philip Lane
You will be sorely missed !
Sheryl and Randolph Watkins
Why Texas? How close to the nearest offspring?
Pam Hall
Hi, Kirby. Thank you for everything you've done for me over the years. I will truly miss you. Is there a chance you will do any podcasts??
Dale Fonk
Thank You Kirby from your home 45th LD. You will be sorely missed
Rene Heuscher
Funny how you and I are of the same mind. After 61 years of living in the greater Seattle area, I am closing on a nice house in Asheville NC next to the Asheville Armory. I am surrounded by nice conservative Christian folks.
Cory Rueb
Carleen was one of the first to log in
James and Ashley Watkins
Wonderful to see you Kirby! Best wishes to you and Trina from James and Ashley, now in Tampa
Erik Strenge
Kirby, Thanks for all you've done for the community and all the great broadcasts over the years. We will miss your great conservative voice. Texas has gained a wonderful addition!
Erin Aboudara
Kirby, the first time I met you was back in 1993 as I was a regular listener to KVI--it was at Initiative 602 headquarters in Tukwila, with Randy Tate. I was just 25 years old then but I was sincerely interested in politics by this time in my first professional nursing job. Years later, you have endorsed me for 3 public offices! Clearly, the 3rd time was the charm. We are making changes in our hospital district Board of Commissioners (in Renton) as a result of having a majority of reform-minded Commissioners elected now. Thank you so much for your support and friendship over the years. I consider you to be a mentor of sorts. God bless you and Trina and family! Erin Aboudara, Vice President, King County Public Hospital District #1 Board of Commissioners (UW Medicine-Valley Medical Center).
Kevin Curry
Ted Nugent just called, says he wants his Rockstar Status back....
Cory Rueb
Suggest to Carleen to check in her Computer Settings (we use Zoom for meeting, it may be the issue)
Kevin LeRoy
Adding attendees.
Kevin LeRoy
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Tricia Richards
Kirby, I met you back in 1994 and you were so kind to let me come and see the show being taped. After meeting your lovely wife Trina, and being active in ERC our friendship grew. Larry & I consider you and Trina to be our very best friends and know you will be a happy man. I will miss your show though every day. Hugs and love.
Who knew that when a mutual friend introduced us in 2008 to coordinate a KVI Night for Seattle Musical Theatre's production of the musical "1776", a long-time friendship would form. Good Luck to you and Trina on this new and wonderful adventure! We will come visit soon!
Marlene Bolster
Congratulations, safe travels and best wishes. I'm also a retired appraiser and am glad I am no longer working in that business. My boyfriend went to Queen Ann High School and graduated in 1961. Thank you for your support for the local businesses. Thank for all you do as a dedicated patriot. God Bless you and your family.
Rene Heuscher
God bless you your family and friends.
Jeffrey Dalziel
Kirby- I left Texas in 1997 after serving in the US Army to come back home to Washington when I found you and KVI. I've been a long time listener to all the KVI folks ever since and been listening ever since. I love that you're retiring to Texas. Looking forward to joining you there soon! PS- totally miss having Carlene with you every day!
Cory Rueb
Kirby of the many things you have done for organizations (and military units) I served with, I most appreciate the CDs of the Best of your shows you and your producer sent to me on my deployments to Iraq. They provided a vital connection to Home, while I was in War Zones.
Paul Hess
Kirby, thank you for your ironclad commitment to the conservative cause. Jan and I wish you and Trina the very best in Texas. We are going to miss your voice on KVI. Paul
Cindy Galante
Best of luck Kirby! We will miss your daily show. Don't be a stranger.
Maureen Bernardy
Kirby gave new meaning to the words "radio active" because Kirby gave the inspiration to thousands of us in radio land to get involved in our Communities. We love you Kirby!
Anne McFarland
Tears in my eyes. Thank you, thank you
Valarie Rice
Bravo, Kirby, for a job magnificently done! Thank you for all you have done to uphold conservative thought and inspire us with American history. God bless you on your new adventures!
Cory Rueb
A Kirby History Podcast would be Awesome!
Jeffrey Dalziel
I will miss my daily mentor and teacher of our US History!
Kevin Curry
Kirby History Podcast. I would pay for that.
James and Ashley Watkins
Would love to sign up for history lessons!
Rene Heuscher
I look forward to my trip to Texas to pick up my Tesla Cyber Truck maybe I will see you.
Maureen Bernardy
ME too! History lessons!
Pam Hall
I would LOVE to hear a Kirby History Podcast!!
Lynn W
Best wishes, Kirby! Thank you for the great commute. The Pacific NW will not be the same with out you.
leanna mason
Sure love ya KIRBY! <3
Philip Mattern
I met Julie at your singles cruise in 2000. We married in 2002 and still together -- she's right here beside me. We both thank you for all you've done for us and the community. -- Phil Mattern
Lydia Bishop
I’ll miss your voice in the afternoon. I’ve listened since 1994.
Christine CrittendenBarbour
I can still remember that 'portable" at QA high where u hung out allllll the time! 50 years since then??? wow Kirby. my mom and dad attended your bbq summer time, and I told my parents that I knew you!..I had just come back from CA. anyhow have been listening to KVI eversince. Our 50th High S. Reuntion from QA high is this year! Happy for your family. I feel just the same I am so devastated as to what has happened to Seattle. Take care of You and your Family..the Lord is with you!
leanna mason
I will miss deejaying your KVI events with my business Entertainment Masters. So many fun memories!
Karen McKelvey
OK.....crying now!!!!!!
Jen Pirak
Yes, it's being recorded and we post a link to it in the next day or two.
David and Melody Moore
Thanks for the great ride.. To you and your family, the best wishes for the future.
Gayle Larson
it's OK Kirby...Big boys do cry! I will miss you every afternoon. Your heart is as big as your knowledge and I know you will be a blessing in the Big State and may you and your family live in health and abundance. Oh, and save that room for my trip!
William T. Smith
Kirby was a ROCK during this Covid crisis. Thank YOU.
Jeffrey Dalziel
Bag of Burgers!
Kathy Meagher
Thank you Kirby for everything ❤
Sue Hill
We love you, Kirby, and send God's blessings. THANK YOU!
Tricia Richards
We love you Kirby! And it's ok to shed a tear.
Wendy Walker
Thank you Kirby so much!! Love ya
Thank You!
Erik Strenge
Good Night Kirby
Jeffrey Dalziel
God Bless and Best Wishes!!
Pam Hall
Thanks to all who put this show together. God bless you and your family, Kirby.
Jen Pirak
A BIG THANK YOU TO NW SAFE for sponsoring!
Cory Rueb
Good Presentation, Thanks
Lynn W